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Jonesing for spring flowers

24 Feb

written by Janet Lee Harrold

I’m not sure if you feel the same way  but… I certainly find myself veering away from listening to the weather forecast, I wish it were in my power to look Mother Nature directly in her devious  eye and beg for Mercy.  This morning as I am driving to work I take note not only of the obvious record breaking snow accumulation and dangerous drops in the temperature but the  entire city is looking mighty gloomy. The cars are loaded with post snow salt and the  city is  covered with blankets of dirty snow and 10′ mounds pushed to the side of the road with muddy plow marks.   Enough is enough already!   I am certainly jonesing for fragrant spring flowers and eager to celebrate spring.  That is why i’ve decided to make this post more about visual beauty and loaded with springtime delight. Even if the calendar says it is still February, I  choose to put my focus forward and think about warm spring month’s and fragrant flowers.  This is how I prefer to view our beautiful city.

photo credit Susan Cole Kelly

bpg tulips by Susan Cole Kelly


photo credit Juergenroth photo

bpg credit

photo credit Joe’s Retirement blog:

bpg joes retirement blog2


photo credit Joe’s retirement blog

bpg joes retirement blog


photo credit Joe’s retirement blog

bpg joes retiremen blog3

photo credit Steve Dunwell

bpg credit steve dunwell


photo credit beanboston

Alium credit beanboston

International Womans Day March 8th

18 Feb

Quoted from Floral Management Magazine…

” Walk the streets of any city  in Russia and many cities throughout Europe on March 8th, and you’ll likely see people carrying bouquets of flowers, bound for a female recipient.” The purpose of the holiday is to raise political and social awareness of the struggles of woman. People give flowers and other small gifts to their mothers, wives, grandmothers and daughters, as well as coworkers, teachers and friends to show their respect, appreciation and love.

So don’t forget the important woman in your life on this special day. Here are a few choices of purple flowers and plants to celebrate the day!

womans Day March 8th

To learn more about the day please visit the International Woman’s Day website.