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Seasonal Help Wanted… We’re Hiring

30 Oct

If you have visited the shop lately you may have noticed that our little elves have been subtly (ahem, ahem)  transitioning the shop to reflect the Holiday season, and by Holiday Season I mean Christmas tree’s, wreath’s, ornaments and unique gifts have been slowly making their way into the shop, we try to be careful as to not  overshadow Thanksgiving, but at sometime we have to get our displays set up and ready for your shopping pleasure and that time is NOW! With the Harvest Festival (and thank you for all  of you came out and enjoyed the festivities) and our Evening of Inspiration trifecta behind us we are in total and automatic Christmas MODE!  Below are a couple of things that we wanted to mention.


 In our garden center we are looking for a few enthusiastic associates to assist our customers in finding the perfect Christmas Tree and wreath. This is a seasonal position but one never knows where that leads and often our seasonal help becomes regular help and sometimes creates friendships and camaraderie that can mistake work for fun. We are hiring now for the season so please don’t hesitate to contact the shop.


Nestled among our unique gift selection you will also find the wood sliced goat ornaments (hand painted by artist Janet Lee Harrold) as an ongoing fundraising effort to bring the goats back to Dorchester Park in the spring to help control the invasive weed species that are threatening to take over the historic landscape. The purchase of an ornament goes directly to the goatscaping, so thank you for your support, we really appreciate you!




Harvest Festival at Cedar Grove Gardens

15 Oct

written by Janet Lee Harrold

Our annual Harvest Festival is just around the corner. This year it will be on Sunday October 28th from 1-3, a date you will want to save for sure! Our Harvest Festival brings so much joy to the little ones in our neighborhood.  While a group of witches, super hero’s and Disney princesses  wait for their chance to swing the bat at our candy filled pinata’s, others are anxiously awaiting their turn to ride the horse drawn carriage through the brilliant fall foliage and the fallen leaves over at the Cedar Grove Cemetery.  I’m honestly not sure who enjoys this more the adults or the children but everyone is welcome and this event is always FREE.