About Us

When we opened Cedar Grove Gardens, in 1980, our intentions were to provide the neighborhood with bedding plants and perennials. Fresh cut flowers were an after thought.  We have since evolved into a full service flower and gift shop & garden center. For the last 15 years we have branched out to provide the area with unique and unusual gifts from local and global providers.

We are now one of the more distinctive flower & gift shops in the Boston area. Our buyers have an eye for the unusual, but at the same time, a sense of what appeals to many.

We have chosen a unique line of gift products with a natural and artistic approach always influencing us. Our store displays are delightful and creative. Your Cedar Grove Gardens visit becomes multi dimensional as you pick up ideas for your own projects or home decorating, while you shop.

Our community involvement goes beyond our annual Scarecrow Festival. Many local fund raisers, including hospitals, schools and churches are enhanced by our floral donations and organizational skills and contributions.

We’re proud of our community and bring to it principles of integrity, innovation, openness, and above all respect for the customers we serve. The gratitude we get from our customers and neighbors reassures us of our success in the role of enriching Dorchester with our continued efforts.

Just a few of the services we provide


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Corporate Events

We are prepared to work with you from the planning stage right through to the servicing of corporate events. Email or call us. We’d be glad to meet with you to discuss your event.

Corporate Gifts

We can customize a gift basket to include articles promoting your business and create the best look with-in a budget that you set to provide your customers with the “thank you” or seasonal greeting memorable and far reaching enough for the effect that keeps you a step above your competitors.

Small Plantings 

Can we entice you into the idea of letting us create a t for say, your mother, your spouse, or maybe just for yourself.symphony of flowers for your window boxes or container gardens? Our planting background and creative sense will assure that you end up with a well orchestrated grouping of color and texture for the whole Summer season. Contact Us on this website or stop by the store to set up a consultation for what you desire.

Weekly & Monthly Flower vases or Seasonal Plants for the Workplace

Make arrangements with us whereby we send something seasonal to brighten your office or workplace on a regular basis. Every week, or once a month your business can receive an uplifting vase of fresh flowers or a lush plant. What a great way to enhance the lobby or work environment to the benefit of all.

Flower vases or Seasonal Plants for the Home

Make arrangements with us whereby we send you something to brighten your home on a regular basis. Every week, or once a month you, or a loved one can receive the joy of fresh flowers or a lush plant with the delivery charge waived. What a great gift for your mother, your spouse, or maybe just for yourself.