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Bridal Bouquets

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Beautiful bridal bouquets begin with  beautiful blooms and offer a place to attach a small personal trinket to keep close. Whether it’s a locket that encapsulates a photograph of a loved one who is no longer with us or a handkerchief wrapped around the stems that is reminiscent of grandpa, these small details are just […]

Bridal Party

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Fall, Winter, Spring and Flower Girl galleries are inside. Janet, we need an all encompassing gallery description for this section. You can see what we have in side. Whether you choose a vibrant color palette such as the ones depicted in the gerbera daisy bouquets or a bouquet of softer hues to include viburnum, french lilac and peonies. Your bridesmaids bouquets will be Bloomin’ Gorgeous!

Boutonnieres & Corsages

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Unique and textural boutonnieres, corsages and tussies are growing in popularity, but have you ever wondered who in addition to your wedding party should wear one? It’s easy, anyone that you want to honor or recognize. Parents, stepparents, grandparents , Godparents  and ceremony readers are all good choices.


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| Pew Markers | Chuppahs, Archways | Locations Altar Pieces As you walk down the aisle, past your family and friends, let a soft addition of flowers dictate the way. A puff of babies breath, a simple garden rose attached to quality ribbon, or a bucket of dutch hydrangea is all it takes to set […]


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Cocktail Reception | Buffet Stations | High Centerpieces | Low Centerpieces | The Cake | Locations Cocktail Reception Place card tables, Entry way, Food stations A fabulous floral presentation is necessary as your guests  enter the venue, dazzling them with exquisite designs is always a glamorous lure. High Centerpieces Create drama as well as elegance […]

Rental Containers

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A great way to enhance any table or Ceremony space is by selecting the proper container to showcase  your designs. Our options range from simple candlesticks,  decorative vessels for the tables as well  altar and aisle additions.

Dorchester Cares 2012

09 Nov

“Dorchester really does care”

written by Janet Harrold
As arborists, gardeners, and florist, we know first hand the beauty of what can be unearthed once a seed has been sown. The constant efforts of Tony Paciulli and Carlos Vargas are being sewn all around Dorchester, sculpting/cultivating and beautifying the land in so many ways. Their latest project is something that we were very proud to be a part of. “Dorchester Cares” (sponsored by Vargas and Vargas Insurance co. and Meetinghouse Bank).  Their idea to select a home that  is owner occupied by an elderly or disabled resident(s) who is struggling with upkeep became a reality. On Saturday October 27th they gathered  the many volunteers, and the generous sponsors and  donors and dove right into helping them make some minor repairs to the obviously neglected 80 year old  house at 36 Saranac St.  The two story house is occupied by a widow who is partially wheelchair dependent and it is a struggle to maintain even basic needs around the house whether for financial or physical reasons. The repairs included scraping and painting the front porch, replacing buckled boards, power washing the back porch, manicuring the hedges, weeding as well as removing branches from utility wires.


The outpouring of support was incredible! Over 30 volunteers came, worked hard, broke a sweat and had a smile on their face the entire time. The feeling of helping a neighbor in need is both rewarding and satisfying. Just as the seed was planted this fall. The hope is that next year two houses will be chosen. For now we will just marvel in the fruits of our labor and watch this project grow like a beautiful wildflower.




As you can see many hands make for light work, they can also make a difference in a persons life. Special thanks for all who came out that day to help and their generous gifts of time and product.

Norfolk Hardware and crew (Paul O’Malley)
R & R Landscaping and crew (Bob Bankowski)
Sibley Constuction and crew
Cedar Grove Gardens and crew (Richard O’mara)
Meeting House Bank (Tony Paciulli)
Vargas & Vargas Insurance and crew (Carlos Vargas)
Lower Mills Web Designs (Larry Marino)
City Councilor Frank Baker and crew
State Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry and crew
Boston Bayside Properties
Connolly Equipment (Steve and Julie Joyce)
Jack Conway Real Estate  and crew
Mass Housing Authority (Shelly Goehring)
Mike Skilling (Dorchester Civic Association)
Sweet Life Bakery
The Carney Hospital
Jeff Camara, Jeff Gomes, Julie Simmons, Joe Vargas, Jon Vargas, Jason Pinheiro, Rob Spavento, Jill Baker, Joe McEchern, John Oliva, Jose and Carlos Andrade,
Maurice Goodwin, Frank Penzo, Don Beurman,  Maria Pina and Amy Figulietti. Sure hope we didn’t miss anyone, please accept our apologies if we did.

Evening of Inspiration 2012

24 Oct

We had an amazing evening full of entertainment, food and useful information.   Below are some images from the evening, hope to see everyone again next year!

Bob shows us how to transform planters full of dead summer plants into cheerful holiday arrangements.

Bob shows us how to transform planters full of dead summer plants into cheerful holiday arrangements.


Lisa's Thanksgiving centerpiece features a natural woodland design.

Lisa’s Thanksgiving centerpiece features a natural woodland design.


The pear place card holders in Richard's Thanksgiving design were inspired by Dorchester's Clapp pear heritage.

The pear place card holders in Richard’s Thanksgiving design were inspired by Dorchester’s Clapp pear heritage.


Richard designs a centerpiece for a Republican event.

Richard designs a centerpiece for a Republican event.


Blue is the theme for Democrats.

Blue is the theme for Democrats.


After the election, it's back to red, white and blue.

After the election, it’s back to red, white and blue.


Lisa pairs wine with complementary cheese and fruit and a handsome basket arrangement for a casual event.

Lisa pairs wine with complementary cheese and fruit and a handsome basket arrangement for a casual event.


Wine and cheese is listed on brown wrapping paper.

Wine and cheese is listed on brown wrapping paper.

Picking The Perfect Wedding Flowers

18 Aug

written by Janet Harrold After 30+ years of making beautiful wedding designs for excited brides, I must say that things have changed dramatically and so have our brides. Today’s brides are much more educated and detail orieinted. Years ago the most you would see is a bride who came in with a swatch of fabric that was given to her by the bridal shop , or a clipping from a magazine. Today’s brides come into an appointment well prepared with ipads, wedding planners and ideas that they pinned on their pinterest boards. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it sometimes makes our job a bit easier when the bride can share her vision and sometimes it makes it a bit more difficult, but often times it means getting married today is both a lot of work and a lot of fun. I admit at times it can be stressful to be able to pull off such a big day with the incredible elegance that you see when you arrive at the venue as an invited guest.


The final result is a generally a team effort of many professionals that the bride and groom has carefully orchestrated over a fairly long period of time. The decisions they have to make can be a bit overwhelming.

That is why we do our very best to take the pressure off of our brides. Flowers are a key component not only to the overall look of day, but for years after as you reflect back on your photos and videos. That is why we typically establish a relationship over the course of a year or so. Sometimes a little less, other times a little longer. We talk about your vision for the day, the colors that make you happy and the overall feel of the atmosphere. We make site visits to the venue when needed, we consider the season and advise you on which flowers look their best at different times of year. We make samples for you to approve a few weeks before your day so that there aren’t any surprises the day of the wedding.

Richard during a wedding consult with flower samples.

Richard during a wedding consult with flower samples.


If you or someone you know is getting married, let us guide you in the direction of  beautiful flowers, that is the least that we can do.

Tips For Planting Tomatoes in Massachusetts

24 May

written by Janet Harrold It is finally time to plant tomatoes! Tomatoes are one of the most rewarding plants to grow in your garden. You can also plant them in containers on your patio or porch, we also have them in earth friendly peat moss containers that can be planted directly in the ground. Most of our tomatoes are locally grown here in Massachusetts so it’s a sure bet that with full sun you will have no worries growing yours.

how-to-plant-tomatoes-205 A couple of simple tips will seal the deal and provide your family with delicious juicy tomatoes all summer long. They also add nourishment to your dinner, sandwiches and salads. The kids will be amazed as they watch them grow.

Tomatoes need lots and lots of sun, so be sure to select an area that they will thrive in.

Tomatoes like regular even water. A common mistake that people make is letting them get too dry and then heavily watering. This kind of watering is what typically leads to cracking.

Trim suckers…suckers tend to develop between the two stems, this is sometimes recommended because the leafy growth of the new stem is competing and taking away the nutrients of the original plant.

We recommend planting a variety of tomatoes in your garden, here are just a few favorites that we currently have in the garden center:

  • Better Boy
  • Sun Gold
  • Early Girl
  • Husky Cherry Red
  • Super Steak
  • Super Sweet 100