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Monica and Mike Chinese American Wedding at The Royal Sonesta in Cambridge

06 Aug

Though it’s fun to create flowers for every wedding,  it’s always so nice when we get the chance to work with Brides and Grooms that may be from a different culture. When I came across these wedding photos from a Chinese American wedding that we did awhile ago, I thought it would be a fun wedding to share with you.  I just love the many pops of red color throughout that signify love, joy and prosperity in the Chinese wedding tradition .

The Ceremony took place over at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge….love the view!

Adding a birdbath to your garden

20 Jul

written  by Janet Harrold

I love the welcoming look that a bird bath has to offer to my garden . It adds to the natural beauty of the garden giving it a sense of calm and  focus . It’s strong linear stature is very low maintenance and birds will come to your bird bath not only for drinking but for grooming as well.  Not to mention the serine feeling I get while sitting on the porch watching them come to the bath and splash around. It does my heart good.

In the garden center here at Cedar Grove Gardens we offer a great selection of birdbaths, some are ceramic and boast a bright array of colors and others are more natural and made of granite and stone. Some of our granite birdbaths include a couple of etched  fish in the basin, this element helps the birds to be able to perch themselves up a bit above the water level to feel more secure-they are often weary of predators and if their feathers get soaked, they can’t escape as easily if the need should arise. You can also achieve this feature by adding a few twigs or rocks to the shallow basin.

Bird Baths

bird bath resize   Bird bath resize 2


If possible select a shady location for your birdbath. This will help to keep the water cooler, fresher and more inviting for our feathery friends. Place your birdbath on level ground. Clean sand or gravel on the bottom will provide a more secure footing.

The water level should never be higher than an inch at the edge of the bath and a maximum of 2 inches deep in the middle of the bath.


In the warmer weather you will want to change the water every day or 2. Algae grows quickly when the water isn’t cleaned often (this is a great job for the kiddos, as they will learn and appreciate wildlife at a young age). Should algae start to grow, clean the bath with a stiff scrub brush and running water.



Meet Our Garden Design Team

14 Jul

written by Janet Harrold

Most of our regular customers are on a first name basis with many of our  staff members. The first people to greet you when you enter our sales yard is typically a member of our Garden Design Team. A knowledgeable and friendly crew. They work in  the yard every season, sometimes in the rain, the bitter cold, the sleet and snow  and this time of year the  heat. Despite the weather conditions our crew is always there to answer your questions about summer plantings,  to sell you the perfect  Christmas tree  and wreath  and setting up the best Harvest Festival in town. For those of you who don’t know them, let me introduce you to our Garden Design Team…



Bob  has been Garden Center manager for 12 years and like any manager Bob wears many hats.  His duties include overseeing the staff,   ordering plants, statuary and garden accessories. Bob rotates the inventory and maintains the overall layout of the yard. In addition to overseeing the day to day operations of the Garden Center,  Bob also plays an intricate roll in the delivery and installation of the many weddings that we provide floral arrangements for each weekend.

Before Bob came to work at Cedar Grove Gardens he spent nearly 25 years as a professional chef. Working with and learning from Jasper White (Jasper’s), Chris Scheslinger (East Coast Grill),  Jim Burke (Harvest).  He also held management positions with Paparazzi and Legal Seafoods.

Bob also  worked in interior design and architecture. He studied at Autocad a computer drafting design school, but his visual skills, eye for detail, organizational abilities, and lifelong passion for plants and gardening has made his work at Cedar Grove Gardens truly a feast for the eyes.



You may know John from seeing him around our garden center, or in the past you could have crossed paths with him at the Ashmont Peabody Square farmers market, but during the spring and summer months, John’s primary job is container garden design. If you take a stroll around   town you will see beautiful  plantings in many residential homes  as well as businesses such as Steel &Rye in Milton,  Aquitaine in Dedham, and The Quarry Restaurant & Lounge in Hingham just to name a few.

Growing up, John worked long summer hours doing  landscape design. His extensive horticultural background includes Essex Agricultural  &  Technical School as well as Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

Before John came to work for  Cedar Grove Gardens 5 years ago he owned and operated  “Pete’s Dockside”  a hidden gem that serves breakfast and lunch at the Seaport section of South Boston.





Just about any day that you troll through our garden center you  will see Phil with a big smile on his face. He has been with us for 10 years now and has made many friends with our loyal customers. He enjoys helping customers by answering questions and helping them with their purchases. Philip got his education from Norfolk County Agricultural School.  Before Philip joined us  he was part of  the beautiful  Cedar Grove Cemetery grounds keeping and nursery  team.

At various times throughout the year we also add additional staff members to the garden center, some are hired on a seasonal/temporary  basis and others have been with us for years and are knowledgeable about the indoor and outdoor day to day operations.

I hope you enjoyed meeting part of our staff and getting to know them a little better. The next time you stop in, be sure to say hello!

Designing with Pottery

08 Jul

Simple, elegant and modern are  the three main ingredients that always seem to catch my eye.

home decor

Every summer I get the bug, the decorating bug that is. After being cooped up in the house all winter long it is refreshing to see the sun shining through the window, it’s as if I see things a bit more clearly with a fresh eye.  (I also see the amount of dust a bit more clearly that i’ve somehow conveniently neglected) .  But anyway, fresh new accents and touches of color strewn around the house typically do it for me. Adding toss pillows in gorgeous bright summer colors to the sofa  and hanging fresh  new bathroom towels.  This year I wanted more.  A different look, so I started looking around my home for things to re arrange so that I could spiff up the house without breaking the budget, and what I found were a few miniature green plants and a couple of pieces of pottery, don’t ask me why I haven’t done this before, it seems obvious that the plant should go in the planter, but instead I often repurpose my decorative pottery to hold other things  such as kitchen utensils and  magazines even my paintbrushes. They all make great alternatives and give me much needed continuity when i’m trying to add a fresh look to my home.

If you look around Cedar Grove Gardens, you’ll see we do the same thing here…on the mantle we use a few decorative containers  with faux calla lily’s alongside a collection of  containers that are beautiful enough to stand alone with anything in them at all.  mantle

Here we have filled one of our containers with pastel fruit candles. ( Oh, by the way…love these)!

candles in pottery


P1070022 300 x 400    P1060279 300

You can add fresh flowers to a waterproof decorative container or if your container isn’t waterproof maybe some tall feathers.

The following containers are just a smattering of the selection we sell here at the shop! P1060925 600


P1070662 600

P1070635 600


I hope this post has inspired you to get your decorative pots out or stop by Cedar Grove Gardens  for some fresh new ideas!

Annuals, they are not just for outdoor enjoyment

01 Jul

written by Janet Harrold

photo credits, Janet Harrold and James Sultane

This time of year is perfect for planting annuals around the yard, in our flowerbeds and in our containers, but why not choose your annuals wisely and get double use out of them all summer long. During the summer we tend to entertain more and why not have the option of hand picking a few blooms. Whether you are invited to a cook out or having one yourself, fresh flowers are always welcome and inviting. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor or a sick friend who can use a smile….

I’ve compiled a list of annuals that may be great options not only for your outdoor pleasure  but to bring the outdoors inside as well…


zinneas2  Easy and rewarding, you’ll get countless blooms of hot striking colors. Their strong stems are perfect for picking and holding up well as a cut flower.




Flowers shorts from Richard's florist  Feathery deep rich tones in brilliant gold and red are a  popular choice to use as fresh or dried cuttings.


daisy  These delicate daisy like blooms are charming and a perfect compliment to it’s graceful feathery foliage.


James Sultane Phlox  Easy to grow and they put on such a great display and bursts of elegance.


James Sultane Dahlia  Glorious shades, shapes and sizes-the diversity of the dahlia allows you to use them outdoors in your garden or indoors as a cut flower.  

Don’t throw those bulb plants away!

26 May

With Easter and Mother’s Day behind us, I bet you may be wondering what to do with the beautiful bulb plants that you received? Well wonder no more.  Plant them in your outdoor garden to enjoy for many years to come.


Lilies will bloom in the summer months,  they may need some time to get established and  may not  bloom the first summer,  but will usually come back and perform well in future years.  June – August are their likely months so be sure not to  plan on them for Easter.


After a long cold dreadful winter, you’ll be happy to see the signs of spring return after you have taken the time to plant your  tulips, hiacinths  and daffodils

My personal favorite and most reliable bloomer is the daffodil, sadly their bloom time is so brief, but that’s o.k. I plant them anyway I find it very gratifying to  see them  multiply. I have them planted right outside my door  so that they are the first thing that I see when I leave the house each morning,   as long as  daffodils are in bloom, I start and end my day with a smile on my face. They always seem to make me smile when I need it most.



The best advice that I can give you for replanting these lovelies is to keep the foliage on and let them die back naturally, I know, I know as they start to die they look a bit unsightly but the main requirement for bulb flowers after bloom care is to keep the leaves on so the plant can put all of it’s energy to the bulb. You may use a little bulb booster or bone meal fertilizer in the fall.

Happy planting!



Tips for Growing Tomato Plants

17 May

Get the most out of your home grown tomato garden.

  • Choose a bright spot to start your beds. A location that gets at least 10 hours of light in the summer is the best for growing this ever popular fruit/ vegetable.
  • Prepare the beds by turning the soil and amend with organic matter. We often suggest  Coast of Maine’s Lobster compost blend. (you can purchase here in the garden center).
  • Water deeply, but infrequently starting off at once a week until the height of the summer where you may then water every 5 days.
  • Keep your tomatoes coming all summer long… to eliminate having all of your harvest coming at once, three weeks after planting your first crop plant more.





Administrative Professionals Week is April 20th -April 26th shall we pencil you in?

15 Apr

We all realize the importance of team work, but often times we forget to realize  the day to to day operations that go on behind the scenes and the people who keep the operations running so smooth. Don’t forget  to pencil in your awesome administrative professional, the glue that holds it all together. Whether you want to recognize the entire week or the specific day, call us to help make this a very important holiday.


You can’t go wrong when sending a beautiful flower arrangement. Flowers say it best, did you know that a vase of fresh flowers on the corner of a desk or on a coffee table has been proven  to  induce positivity and enthusiasm in the workplace for both the  employees and clients that  enter your business space daily.

fresh flowers


An orchid or green plant are both fantastic choices to set on a desk and last for months or even years.

admins day or thank you


Easter is on it’s way

10 Apr

After such a long, cold snow filled winter, we are anxious and excited to welcome the return of spring and the Easter holiday. If you feel the same, you may just need to come into the shop and get your annual dose of spring fragrance. It’s o.k. no need to purchase, we realize the need to just take it all in. That my friend is the bonus of being a florist, sometimes we take for granted that we get to look at , handle, and smell spring even before Mother Nature says it is time.   Lilies, hiacinth, tulips and daffodils are all beautiful bulb plants that  can be enjoyed in your home (as a fresh cut flower) and in your garden (plants) and they are all indicative of Easter. When the holiday ends and the blooms have passed, do yourself a favor and  plant them outside in your flower beds or as a border. They won’t flower this year but they ‘ll be back to greet you next spring, they always seem to know when you need it  most and it’s always a pleasant surprise!


easter slider