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How To Share Your Love Of Gardening With The Kids In Your Life

10 Jul

How To Share Your Love Of Gardening With The Kids In Your Life

written by guest blogger Scott Jenkins


When my brothers son was a toddler it was quickly becoming obvious he was different from the other kids. He was very hyperactive and would fidget a lot. He would spend most of his play time moving from toy to toy, quickly becoming bored with whatever was in front of him.


There were two exceptions to this, however. He would play with his coloring books and Lego’s all afternoon when he got a new book or a new box of Lego bricks. He seemed to enjoy being constructive and creative with his time versus just casually playing.


How We Hooked My Nephew On Gardening


It was late winter and he was delicately coloring in a pink Power Ranger at our kitchen table. Our collection of coloring books was basically infinite but I couldn’t let him just sit there and color when he was over for a visit. I wanted to find something we could create together.


I remembered how amazed I was at his age by a small project I had done in elementary school. Each student planted a bean seed in a cup of soil and was responsible for tending to it. I was amazed when it first broke through the soil and I was so proud when I got to actually eat a string bean that summer.


That day we took a short break from coloring Power Rangers and planted a bean seed in a yogurt cup I pulled out of the recycling bin. He wasn’t terribly interested at the time but when he came back over a week later and there was a tiny green thing sticking out of the soil he became over the moon excited. We immediately planted the rest of the seeds and I knew he was hooked!


For years I was able to get him to come over and garden with me. He lost interest here and there along the way but with a few tricks I was able to reign him back in. Here’s how we did it.


Let Them Have Their Own Garden


The smaller it is the easier it will be for them to manage. Even a couple large containers will be enough in the beginning and they’ll be excited to get more pots or an actual small plot of land next year.


Don’t Buy Cheap Toddler Tools


You can buy a colorful kit that includes a few tools, gloves, and a bag for around $20 but the quality is really poor and they really don’t need anything more than a small shovel. You can get a small shovel for them for just a couple dollars and paint the handle and shovel itself any way you want. This makes for a fun project to do with them too.


Plant Seeds That Grow Quick


If you’re making a wildflower garden plant seeds that grow fast and will flower often. Black Eyed Susan’s and Cosmos are both a great choice for this.


If you’re planting a vegetable garden turnips and lettuce are a good choice. Even if they won’t eat either of those they’ll get a kick out of watching you eat them.


If you want to grow something they may eat carrots and grape tomatoes as both a great choice.


Build A Scarecrow


When their interest starts to wane a bit in the middle of the summer there are a few ways you can focus their interest back on the garden. One project that they always get a kick out of is building a scarecrow.


Kids grow like weeds so I’m sure they have some clothes that are too small for them in the back of the dresser. An old pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt is all you need. Stuff them with straw to form the body and stuff a pillowcase to use as a head.


My nephew is a young man now but he remembers our garden vividly. There’s always a place for him in mine but I suspect that when he gets a place of his own he will have his own garden. Hopefully he will set a small part of his garden aside for me to grow some beans in with his kids.

Georgia Peach Truck is returning to Cedar Grove Gardens

12 Jun

You may remember that last year having the Georgia Peach Truck visit our garden center was a delicious success! This year we are fortunate enough to have them return on two separate occasions, the first visit will be on July 11th and the second visit will be on August 1st…both dates the time is the same 12:00-1:30.

Georgia Peach Truck arrives this summer with farm-to-street boxes of Rolling Freestones®, the freestone Georgia peaches from historic Dickey Farms!

Freestone peaches are the peak season varieties to buy in bulk because they separate freely from their pits for cutting in the kitchen or eating fresh out of hand.

Can or freeze a whole box of peaches at home, or share several boxes with friends, family, and neighbors!

One box of Rolling Freestones from Georgia Peach Truck is $46 and weighs approximately 25 pounds with about 65-80 peaches inside the box depending on the size of the peaches.

We hope you join us for one if not both of these scheduled visits and even more we hope you bake something peachy from  this beautiful fruit. If a whole box seems overwhelming to you, grab a friend and share a box, don’t let the opportunity pass you buy and feel free to share on our facebook your most delicious peach recipes, we would love to hear from you!


Dorchester Day (DOT DAY)

03 Jun

Come Celebrate the town of Dorchester, typically on the first Sunday of  June, this year we are celebrating on the 3rd. Enjoy the parade starting at 1:00, barbeque with friends and shop at Cedar Grove Gardens where we have lots of sales and Dorchester items on hand, including these unique wine glasses (currently only sold right here at the shop)

Can we talk about Prom Flowers

18 Apr

written by Janet Lee Harrold

Ahh, prom season is here. I know, I know to some that word is like a swear and to others, its like music to their ears. I wonder what this word means to you? Maybe as a parent it is an exciting but stressful time of year, after all, we are extremely proud of the achievements and sacrifices that our children have made to finally get here but on the other hand we can’t help but worry a little bit about other things like…what actually happens on prom night, I want my child to be safe and I also want them to have the best time of their lives…then there is the money…when you think about the expenses that actually go into prom night, you may just need to get another part time job so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of the dress, the tuxedo, the hair, the make up the nails, the ticket to the prom itself, whether you are riding in a limo or having professional pictures done and the flowers, don’t forget about the flowers…see i’m getting stressed just writing this article. What we need to remember here is that Prom night is one of the most memorable nights in a young persons life today, or at least at this point in their lives. Every detail that I mentioned above is important to them on this very night so really, can we talk about the flowers? As florists, we are here to set your mind at ease, I believe the flowers are probably one of the least expensive details on the list. Typically starting at $35.  As I write this article the following pointers are for you or for you to show to your children if they are the ones who will be purchasing the flowers for prom night so that we can work together to make it an easy process.

There are many different options out there when it comes to choosing prom flowers, often times a traditional and classic rose comes to mind as they are known to be a safe yet elegant choice. The rose also comes in many many different colors, making it easy to match the girls corsage to the guys boutonniere. and in the case where the rose doesn’t grow naturally in the desired color, we can always add accessories to make it the perfect fit to any style. Ribbons for example come in lots of different styles and textures and we often use a couple of different styles when designing your corsage…lets say you have a turquoise dress to match and roses do not grow in turquoise, it’s the designers job to make that work, so often times we will use a white flower, whether it is the classic white spray rose or something a bit more daring as a focal flower like a calla lily, a dutch ranunculus or phaleonopsis orchid it really doesn’t matter what you choose as long as we accessorize properly, (these may just be a flower to you, but to us they are small works of art)  a sheer ribbon matched with a turquoise satin ribbon and  paired with individual rhinestones or perhaps a rhinestone or pearl novelty wristlet would certainly be an elegant design and work nicely with a turquoise prom dress or compliment his turquoise tie. Another popular choice this year is succulents, a bit more earthy but very textural and different. Small pieces of echeveria rosettes and other small succulent pieces make fantastic prom flowers as well.




A few pieces of advise to keep this busy time as simple as possible and still have beautiful flowers for that memorable evening would be to leave the design itself to the designers, we always ask you a few key questions when ordering so that you are sure to get what you want. Don’t obsess over exact color matches, more often than not the flowers would never be the same exact color as the dress anyway, let the ribbons and accents work to achieve that. Don’t skimp on the wristband, if paying an additional $10. for a novelty wristband is all it takes to add the perfect touch of elegance to the evening why not make it special? Most importantly,  don’t wait until the last minute, often times prom season becomes a very busy time of year with the Mother’s Day holiday nestled right in the same time frame. As always, we are excited to help you choose and create the perfect look to fit your style, so don’t wait, call us today and check one thing off of that list!


Container Gardens Anywhere and Everywhere

02 Apr

Maybe you would like to add some interest to your front door, or define a walkway at the back entrance. Container gardens look great anywhere and can enhance any patio or deck, they are a fantastic addition to set around the pool. The options are absolutely endless and are the best choice to add a vibrant pop of color and fragrance as they welcome your guests and even bring a smile to your face after a long days work.


Choosing the right pot and perfect plants for your space can sometimes be a fun way to welcome spring and other times the choices can be overwhelming, particularly if you are a novice gardener or just  too busy to get your container gardens started. Once established and properly planted your containers are very low maintenance.

Whether you are interested in seeing annuals, perennials or herbs, planting container gardens and decorating window boxes are our specialty. Let an experienced designer work with you to customize your space and bring an extra burst of color, texture and design to your doorstep.

To be added to the spring schedule call the shop today. 617.66825.8582

Valentine’s Day Specials

31 Jan

In addition the Classic upright vase of roses, we have a number of beautiful fresh flower arrangements to choose from this Valentine’s Day! If you would like to have  one of these designs delivered locally or picked up at the shop, call us today 617-825-8582

Mattapan Ashmont Trolley Wine Glasses

20 Jan

The next time you sniff, swirl or sip your favorite wine, why not sip it from one of our unique hand painted Mattapan-Ashmont Trolley glasses by one of our very own in house artists Janet Lee Harrold. Over the years we have heard so many different stories from people who have fond memories growing up riding the 3 mile rail service also known as The “M- line”  The Pcc’s or Presidential Conference Commission Trolleys are a fleet of 10 cars 5 in service and 5 stored. Currently in service are: 3087, 3230, 3254, 3263 and 3268 Out of service is 3234, 3238, 3260, 3262 and 3265  If you have a favorite number or an overall appreciation for these very special trolleys, stop by Cedar Grove Gardens and buy a glass and enjoy your favorite wine. Perhaps you still ride the rails now or maybe you can  take a stroll down memory lane, either way a great conversation piece and your wine is surely going to taste better being poured in such a gem!


Wedding Show 2018

04 Jan

For over 30 years we have been creating beautiful designs and staying current with floral trends so that we can remain one of Boston’s premier florists. You can expect to find beautiful flowers, textures, colors and fragrance in all of our designs. We know that these are all important components to make your wedding day as beautiful as it can possibly be. Our in house wedding show is designed as a resource so that you can come in and ask questions, hold bridal bouquets, take pictures and speak with other vendors with absolutely  no obligation. At this event you will have the opportunity to talk with our wedding consultants and get lots of great ideas to ensure that your wedding day is just as you envisioned. Regardless of whether or not you decide to choose Cedar Grove Gardens as your wedding florist, this show will help you make realistic choices by showcasing the different seasons and numerous ways to interpret floral design.

Our goal is to open your mind and your eyes with fetching displays of beautiful floral designs, to narrow down your choices and redefine your life long dream. So be sure to stop by and take advantage of this FREE event.

The show will be held in our shop February 23rd and 24th times to be determined

Cedar Grove Gardens

911 Adams St. Dorchester Ma. 02124



Twas The Week Before Christmas and all through the shop

14 Dec

Twas the week before christmas

To Richard with Love and Admiration at Christmas Time

written by Janet Harrold

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the shop. The Designers are busy they just never stop!

The Bow Ladies are frantic, the lines out the door! We don’t mind, this gives our shoppers time to explore.

The stockings were hung by the gift shop so near, such a  broad  selection from cotton to sheer.

The guys in the yard were selling the tree’s, Mother nature is vicious only 20 degrees.

When out in the sales yard there arose such a clatter.  The employee’s came out to see what was the matter!

Richard as usual was raising a racket- Robert came out sporting his red plaid hooded jacket.

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow-the martini’s were flowing -gave Richard a glow!

When all of a sudden he proclaimed something new.  “My employees are the best. I have the best dog gone crew!”

His mind a little fuzzy-he’s obviously lit, but for those who know Richard -he still has his wit.

His eyes how they twinkled, his dimples how merry! His cheeks were like the roses he sells, his nose alder berry.

More rapid than eagles his crew and their fame- have hustled this season but 7 days still remain.  He whistled and shouted and called them by name.  Now Gerry, Now  Noralie,  Ann , Nancy and Phil. I can’t thank you enough- here’s a hundred dollar bill.

 On Liza, on Stephanie, on Mitchell, Lisa and Pat!  Here’s a long striped knitted scarf and a warm winter hat.

For Bob, John,  all the guys in the yard,  I can’t thank you enough for working so hard!

To Janet, Diane and my temporary staff, for being so wonderful—here’s time and a half.

The glow was wearing off, it had been a little while,

no drinks were being poured he lost his  sweet smile.

He spoke not a word , but went straight to his work, and soon his merry tune changed, he called John a big jerk!

“So much to be done the Holiday isn’t through, this shop is a mess everything is askew”.

What happened to our boss, the bonuses and gifts? The Martini’s, the wine, was there something I missed?

Well we heard him exclaim as the wine he uncorked, enough from Mr. Nice guy, get your ass back to work!