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Wedding Show 2018

04 Jan

For over 30 years we have been creating beautiful designs and staying current with floral trends so that we can remain one of Boston’s premier florists. You can expect to find beautiful flowers, textures, colors and fragrance in all of our designs. We know that these are all important components to make your wedding day as beautiful as it can possibly be. Our in house wedding show is designed as a resource so that you can come in and ask questions, hold bridal bouquets, take pictures and speak with other vendors with absolutely  no obligation. At this event you will have the opportunity to talk with our wedding consultants and get lots of great ideas to ensure that your wedding day is just as you envisioned. Regardless of whether or not you decide to choose Cedar Grove Gardens as your wedding florist, this show will help you make realistic choices by showcasing the different seasons and numerous ways to interpret floral design.

Our goal is to open your mind and your eyes with fetching displays of beautiful floral designs, to narrow down your choices and redefine your life long dream. So be sure to stop by and take advantage of this FREE event.

The show will be held in our shop February 23rd and 24th times to be determined

Cedar Grove Gardens

911 Adams St. Dorchester Ma. 02124



Twas The Week Before Christmas and all through the shop

14 Dec

Twas the week before christmas

To Richard with Love and Admiration at Christmas Time

written by Janet Harrold

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the shop. The Designers are busy they just never stop!

The Bow Ladies are frantic, the lines out the door! We don’t mind, this gives our shoppers time to explore.

The stockings were hung by the gift shop so near, such a  broad  selection from cotton to sheer.

The guys in the yard were selling the tree’s, Mother nature is vicious only 20 degrees.

When out in the sales yard there arose such a clatter.  The employee’s came out to see what was the matter!

Richard as usual was raising a racket- Robert came out sporting his red plaid hooded jacket.

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow-the martini’s were flowing -gave Richard a glow!

When all of a sudden he proclaimed something new.  “My employees are the best. I have the best dog gone crew!”

His mind a little fuzzy-he’s obviously lit, but for those who know Richard -he still has his wit.

His eyes how they twinkled, his dimples how merry! His cheeks were like the roses he sells, his nose alder berry.

More rapid than eagles his crew and their fame- have hustled this season but 7 days still remain.  He whistled and shouted and called them by name.  Now Gerry, Now  Noralie,  Ann , Nancy and Phil. I can’t thank you enough- here’s a hundred dollar bill.

 On Liza, on Stephanie, on Mitchell, Lisa and Pat!  Here’s a long striped knitted scarf and a warm winter hat.

For Bob, John,  all the guys in the yard,  I can’t thank you enough for working so hard!

To Janet, Diane and my temporary staff, for being so wonderful—here’s time and a half.

The glow was wearing off, it had been a little while,

no drinks were being poured he lost his  sweet smile.

He spoke not a word , but went straight to his work, and soon his merry tune changed, he called John a big jerk!

“So much to be done the Holiday isn’t through, this shop is a mess everything is askew”.

What happened to our boss, the bonuses and gifts? The Martini’s, the wine, was there something I missed?

Well we heard him exclaim as the wine he uncorked, enough from Mr. Nice guy, get your ass back to work!



It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas songs of the season

12 Dec

written by Janet Harrold

Whether you are sipping rich hot chocolate, hosting holiday parties for your friends and family, rockin’ around the Christmas tree or having a custom wreath designed for your front door by the infamous bow ladies of Cedar Grove Gardens, life is but a dream isn’t it? A very busy December dream that is…since the day after Thanksgiving we have been working extended hours trying our very best to be sure that our customers are decorated for the holidays. There are only 12 days of Christmas left and the pressure is on. We’ve done everything from decorating  up on the rooftop to decking the halls with boughs of holly, in fact we have been hanging jingle bells all over town… on the busy sidewalks of Dorchester we have been stringing lights and dressing lamp posts with the Holly and the Ivy, In fact the city sidewalks are now all a glow. Hanging fresh pine roping and silver bells on your front door is our specialty and oh how we enjoy hearing them ring.  Once inside your home we love to decorate in perfect holiday style, by hanging fresh mistletoe from the most elegant of chandeliers and we welcome kris kringle with a mantle display of fresh garland, stockings and a twinkling of glitz and glam- silver and gold are two of our favorite colors to use.

As the holiday decorating season begins to wind down for us we are hoping for a silent night, but just one night will do, who needs chestnuts roasting on an open fire when fresh cut amaryllis can cozy up your home? Our gift shop is still streaming with happy last minute shoppers, looking for the perfect present and stocking stuffers. We know you will find them here, after all we’ve traveled the world looking for unique treasures for occasions just  like this.

Soon our garden center will be uninhabited of it’s balsam tree’s, and  just like last year and the year before that, in the spirit of Christmas our tradition is to give our very last tree away to the customer who’s intentions were to purchase it. It’s a tradition that we’ve embraced for the last 37+ years. After all is said and done, we hope your holidays are filled with wonder and joy and laughter in the New Year.  Have a warm & cozy season and on behalf of the entire Cedar Grove Gardens staff may we wish you a Merry Christmas!







Kelly & Joey another beautiful wedding at The Red Lion Inn

29 Nov

With Lena Mirisola  behind the lens capturing the breathtaking views of a foggy September Wedding Day we are proud to share with you the most beautiful soft pink and white wedding bouquets designed with a variety of roses, ranunculus and dahlia’s- collared with dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus we wrapped the stems with a white double faced satin ribbon to complete the look of this romantic oceanside wedding. The reception was held at The Red Lion Inn in Cohassett and the happy couple couldn’t look more adorable.



Lisa’s Holiday Decorating Tips

16 Nov

Thanksgiving scavenger hunt starts now

01 Nov

by Janet Lee Harrold

Thanksgiving is here, the warmth of family and blessings, the natural hues right outside our door of crimson and gold flank nature’s landscape, as we walk through the crisp autumn leaves we are reminded to take in the beauty this short season has to offer, before we know it the town  will be white and we will be wondering where November has gone.

I often think of myself as a collector a scavenger of sorts,  I can’t help but enjoy the bounty that nature has to offer as I bring the outdoors inside, all the while keeping in mind that the many treasures I find will complete my autumn decor and add to my tablescape on Thanksgiving day. My guests are always in awe of the simple pleasures that are offered. I can’t take all the credit though, I think it is fun to make a list of treasures for the kids to forage for  on the weekends leading up to the Holiday.  Chestnuts, acorns, pinecones…these things should be in abundance right now, send them out with a bag or a basket and see what they retrieve and if you are really lucky you can find osage balls or crabapples.

I also like to pick evergreens and pinecones form various trees and use them strewn about the house both inside and out, on my front porch stoop I like to use birch logs and red twig dogwood, boughs of pine and douglas fir added to any leftover pumpkins that I may have from Halloween.

The grocery store is also a great place to find Thanksgiving accents, don’t forget the pomegranates, artichokes, cranberries and persimmons even the common fig…

With the bounty that you have collected over the next few weeks your Holiday setting will look it’s absolute best, you can use them loose on the table, in the entryway or you can make your very own wreath. If you are not quite feeling creative or up to the challenge, take a walk through Cedar Grove Gardens, it is a great place to get inspired and as always it has lots of nice treasures and ideas of it’s own. Happy hunting!

Abby & Kevin

20 Sep

In May we had the honor of designing flowers for Abby & Kevin, we love all the great shots that the fabulous Erica Ferrone took of the happy couple on their special day but I can’t help but be partial to the shots that were taken outside of the Bakers Chocolate Condominiums. Being a florist here in Dorchester for the past 37 years and only a couple blocks from Baker Square these shots are very familiar to me and when I saw them, I just new we had to post them on our blog…

The altar pieces were designed in a clear glass vase, allowing you the opportunity to serve for double duty at the reception as long as the church allows.

St Gregories altar looks breathtaking!

Amazing Train

The high centerpieces were designed in gold cylinder vases with  luscious peonies, beautiful snap dragons, roses, ranunculus and topped with curly willow branches.

A huge Thank you goes out to Abby & Kevin for allowing us to be a part of their special day and to Erica Ferrone Photography for her expertise behind the lens.


That Old September Feeling

03 Sep

written by Janet Lee Harrold


I have to admit it, I absolutely despise the fact that we have to bid adieu to the phenomenal great summer weather and the colorful gardenscapes that I have seen throughout the city this year-but when September rolls in and the crispy autumn air is ubiquitous in the early morning, I know without a doubt it is time for cozy sweaters, spiced lattes,  homemade apple pie and everything pumpkin flavored!


Working at Cedar Grove Gardens all these years, fall has become my favorite season. The garden center is full of autumnal colors and textures. Mum plants, crimson colored  grasses, ornamental kale, gourds,  and pumpkins of all sizes and colors. I especially love when we get that rare shipment of white and green pumpkins.  We absolutely love adding these fall elements to our container gardens or to a grapevine wreath that will welcome your guest at the front door when they come to visit.


September also means that our annual Harvest Festival is just around the corner. This year it will be on Sunday October 29th,  a date you will want to save for sure. Our Harvest Festival brings so much joy to the little ones in our neighborhood as they have a chance to boast their favorite costumes. Pinata’s filled with candy  and coins are always a delight, but the big attraction is the horse drawn wagon ride through the brilliant fall foliage and fallen leaves over at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

1384364_10153385135465580_1856600649_n   1382017_10153385087330580_1792659367_n


So you see, September is not all that bad, it is the doorway to the best season of all.

Protect Your Garden Now From Pests With These DIY Hacks!

24 Aug

When we imagine the perfect garden, certain images come to mind. Whether they be
the immaculate rose bushes that dotted the gardens of my childhood or an ethereal
koi pond. Perhaps, a row of veggies or two and one can never forget the large,
preferably old family tree perfect for games of hiding and seek or for a shady spot to
picnic under.
However, some things can dampen our vision for a beautiful garden. These
creatures, though a part of nature, play havoc on our gardens and throw our once
pleasant grove into disarray. Today we are going to be unpacking the various ways
you can get to pest proof your garden and have it back in shape in no time at all.
Creating an Action Plan
Firstly, be sure to figure out what type of animal or insect is attacking your sanctuary.
Next, try your best to ensure your garden is as unpalatable to those little critters as
humanly possible. It can be done ethically by removing hiding places like a huge pile
of leaves or a hollowed out log. If you are facing a squirrel, rodent or large animal
problem, then you may want to consider putting up fencing around your plants.
But what if you are facing something decidedly creepier and slightly crawly, well then
you may want to consider using a homemade and fully organic pesticide to target the
insects rather than using a commercial variety that may have chemicals that can
negatively affect the environment.
The hacks
For those eager to preserve their beloved veggie patch, look no further than chicken
wire. By placing a chicken wire cloche over your greens not only will the dogs but
also any other curious ones will also be staved off from your grub. The best part
about the chicken wire cloches is that they can also be used as decorative elements
for inside your house as well.
Tired of the rather slimy snails and slugs raging against your well-cultivated
landscape, then perhaps the answer might lie in your breakfast. Eggshells, when
ground up, are entirely organic, natural repellent to snails and slugs. Simply take a
whole bunch of eggshells, grind them up in your blender and then plant them in the
soil to protect your flowers and vegetable patch.
Another idea to help preserve your foliage is to raise your garden bed, as it makes it
a lot harder for small pests and animals to reach the flowers and attack them. Also,
raised garden beds have been found to be better for gardeners who suffer from back
pain, as it reduces the amount of bending through increasing the height of the plants
close to the gardener’s height.

A further idea to combat, yet another pest known to wreak havoc on even the best
maintained of gardens is weeds. You can make an all-natural, environmentally
friendly weed killer that suppresses the growth of weeds. The potent aroma of
vinegar is known to deter pests from venturing into gardens as well, so this is a two
in one solution that is both budget and nature-friendly.
To avoid making a fool of yourself while preparing your lawn for its usual invasion,
make sure to engage in safety practices at all times when working with tools and try
to avoid common mishaps by thoroughly reading through the instructions of the DIY
All in all, DIY hacks seem to be one of the easiest ways to protect your garden from
the intelligent little creatures that nature has filled our gardens. For more inspiration
on gardens and to see a host of beautiful flowers and other plants, be sure to visit
and support your local flower stores such as Cedar Grove Gardens and fall in love
with flowers all over again.
Bio: Sarah shares the ins and outs of home improvement on her blog, The DIY
Hammer. Learn more about how to make your own projects on her blog!

Fall yard preperation

16 Aug


by Janet Lee Harrold

Get a head start on next season now!

I know, I know…we are certainly not ready for summer to be over so the last thing we want to start thinking about is preparing our yard for the fall, or even better next spring. I’m thinking we should  ease in to it slowly, while you are out there grilling your burgers this summer, just take a glance around your yard and take inventory of what needs to be done. Now is a good time to fill in those voids that you noticed this year.  In fact now is actually the perfect time to get perennials on sale and what do ya know, we just so happen to have them on sale at Cedar Grove Gardens in the garden center right now, what perfect timing! Though you may not want to spend the last few dog days of summer planting for next year, come next spring you will be so glad that you did. We have a pretty good selection of day lilies, heuchera coral bells, astilbe, ferns, hosta and a few shasta daisys, gypsophila, foxglove, butterfly bush, ladies mantle…shall I go on?  Any way save a buck now and be thankful for the beauty you will see in your garden this spring, after all it will be here before you know it! While you are out there, think about fertilizing your grass, this is typically done around labor day. A low-nitrogen, slow release fertilizer is always a good choice. it keeps the grass from eating up all the nitrogen at once. Keep in mind that there is no need to fertilize shrubs and tree’s this time of year and also, you may want to put off pruning until spring, you don’t want to give your plants a fresh wound as winter will make them vulnerable to damage. So see, it’s not all work this time of year, just a little preparation that’s all.

It’s also a great time to plant a couple dozen bulbs. Remember that smile on your face after a long New England winter when that first sign of crocus, tulips and daffodils force there pretty heads through the cold ground to greet you, it’s as if they really know that you just can’t take anymore of the bitter cold weather and everything is going to be o.k.



So enough about next year, let’s talk about what you can expect to see this year in the garden center as we transition from summer to fall….autumn in your garden should be as abundant as spring and we are expecting shipments of beautiful mum plants, kale, seedum, ornamental grasses any day now and as soon as the heat breaks our usual load of pumpkins,corn and haystacks will fill the yard as we prepare for our annual Harvest Festival.