Introducing our Prom Bar

31 Mar

Bedazzled, bejeweled, be ready!

This year we are doing something new!

Here’s How it Works…

Come in anytime from April 1st- May 15th

Browse the bar, it will be full of ll kinds of pretty options for your corsage and boutonniere. Rhinestone and pearl wristbands, various colorful ribbons, bling and more! put your chosen items in a box and leave the rest up to us.


Valentine’s Day Specials

19 Jan

Below is a description of this years Valentine’s Day Options, in addition to these listed below we have numerous other options on our website. Feel free to browse around and keep in mind for your local delivery we also carry Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates and so much more, If you order by February 1st, steep discounts apply on prices reflected below ask an associate for details. 617.825.8582

This captivating arrangement  of premium roses, nestled among a bed of spray roses and fragrant spring flowers and accented with whispy purple wax flowers and eucalyptus and designed in a clear glass vase. This striking “Rich Color” palette is sure to please. Available for $80. $110. (as shown) $140.


This red, blush and white design is the perfect balance of sweet and romantic. Premium roses and fragrant stock graced with trailing greens for a soft touch, the white amaryllis is the element of surprise and the showstopper that makes this deign the beauty that it is the hyacinth is simply devine.  Available for $80. $110. (as shown) $140.

If impress her is what you want to do, this upright vase that includes a beautiful stem of cymbidium orchids, roses, lisianthus, snapdragons and more is the definitely the right choice for you. As seen here $150. Also Available $200.

Roses  and Valentine’s Day Pricing…yes it’s true the price of roses increase on Valentine’s Day and I know a lot of people assume that the florist inflates the price for no good reason other than to just do it because of the significance of the day, the unfortunate truth of the matter is as roses are certainly a hot commodity on February 14th and the demand is obviously much greater, hefty labor costs at the farms to meet the spike in demand, play a role in the market in addition to transportation costs- as larger volumes of roses are expected in a shorter time frame. All of these things and so much more are contributing factors



  Thus leads me to our dozen prices for delivery this year is between $85-$140.


1/2 Dozen Roses are $65.00 These beautiful roses arranged with wax flower and textural greens area perfect low cost option

Just as a love that is going to last, so will this elegant phalaenopsis plant. A gift that keeps on giving, this orchid planter is truly for that special person in your life who just adores the finer things $160.

If flowers are not the first choice, considering this cyclamen plant dressed in a ceramic container is a great option, with adoring heart shaped foliage it’s certainly a sweet Valentine’s Day choice. A single plant is the perfect price that doesn’t break the bank but a double plant is certainly more exciting! Single plant $50. Double $80.

Seasonal Help Wanted… We’re Hiring

30 Oct

If you have visited the shop lately you may have noticed that our little elves have been subtly (ahem, ahem)  transitioning the shop to reflect the Holiday season, and by Holiday Season I mean Christmas tree’s, wreath’s, ornaments and unique gifts have been slowly making their way into the shop, we try to be careful as to not  overshadow Thanksgiving, but at sometime we have to get our displays set up and ready for your shopping pleasure and that time is NOW! With the Harvest Festival (and thank you for all  of you came out and enjoyed the festivities) and our Evening of Inspiration trifecta behind us we are in total and automatic Christmas MODE!  Below are a couple of things that we wanted to mention.


 In our garden center we are looking for a few enthusiastic associates to assist our customers in finding the perfect Christmas Tree and wreath. This is a seasonal position but one never knows where that leads and often our seasonal help becomes regular help and sometimes creates friendships and camaraderie that can mistake work for fun. We are hiring now for the season so please don’t hesitate to contact the shop.


Nestled among our unique gift selection you will also find the wood sliced goat ornaments (hand painted by artist Janet Lee Harrold) as an ongoing fundraising effort to bring the goats back to Dorchester Park in the spring to help control the invasive weed species that are threatening to take over the historic landscape. The purchase of an ornament goes directly to the goatscaping, so thank you for your support, we really appreciate you!




Harvest Festival at Cedar Grove Gardens

15 Oct

written by Janet Lee Harrold

Our annual Harvest Festival is just around the corner. This year it will be on Sunday October 28th from 1-3, a date you will want to save for sure! Our Harvest Festival brings so much joy to the little ones in our neighborhood.  While a group of witches, super hero’s and Disney princesses  wait for their chance to swing the bat at our candy filled pinata’s, others are anxiously awaiting their turn to ride the horse drawn carriage through the brilliant fall foliage and the fallen leaves over at the Cedar Grove Cemetery.  I’m honestly not sure who enjoys this more the adults or the children but everyone is welcome and this event is always FREE.




Goats for Good

07 Oct

Dorchester Park

established 1891

 The members of the Dorchester Park Association have taken the initiative to bring goats into the Park to help control the invasive weed species that are threatening to take over this historic landscape. Designed in the late 1800’s by Frederick Law Olmsted, the Park provides the people of Dorchester with exactly what Olmsted intended. A beautiful wooded forest area to retreat to in the midst of a busy urban area. Dorchester Park is well loved and well used by its neighbors .The parks 26 acres of beech and oak forest are are home to walking trails and playgrounds, ball fields and tennis courts. People and their dogs, parents and children, runners and ball teams all enjoy the benefits of this beautiful place. Invasive species such as knotweed, bittersweet, catbriar, and poison ivy are taking over the landscape. Boston Parks and Recreation does their part in caring for and mowing, plowing, maintains athletic fields etc… but there are lots of other properties for them to care for too.The Dorchester Park Association picks up where Parks leave off by planning fun community events and helping to initiate cleanups and planting , Easter Egg Hunts and Car Shows…. The Park Association members , regular people like you and I (and we invite you to join!) , see a need to control the invasive species in a safe and natural, low impact manner. Goats love to eat weeds!!! Goats don’t suffer from poison ivy! Goats work at eating weeds all day without complaining! We would like to get the goats into the park on a regular basis for 6-8 weeks at a time on a regular yearly schedule. Returning season after season can eliminate some of the under growth that’s taken decades to accumulate. Renting goats is somewhat affordable and cost effective but we need your help to keep them coming back to be really effective. $ 400 pays for one herd for one week. $100 pays for one goat for one week. $15 pays for one goat for a day. Any amount is appreciated!! Any monies collected above our goal of $10,000 will be put towards our water restoration and tree planting initiatives. We thank you in advance for your support! Let’s make a difference together and keep this special place beautiful and growing! A quote from Lisa “Please spread the word about the go fund me campaign and let’s make us a model for other community based city park projects”  Here is a link to the go fund me page, any amount no matter how small is appreciated

UPDATE as of 10/7/2018 The following article from The Dorchester Reporter

KIDS MENU: What if the Dot Park goats could stay for a while longer?

Have you taken your families to Dot Park to meet the Goats-In-Residence yet? If not, you should! These hungry beasts are busy munching on excess vegetation like poison ivy and other invasive plant species. They’re cute, too.

In an effort to make these cloven-hooved guests a more permanent presence (they are supposed to end their residency on Oct. 15) the Dorchester Park Association is accepting donations to assist with costs. Go to Any little bit will help, though if everyone donated just $10 that would guarantee the goats would have a home with us for a few years.

The association has also commissioned beloved artist Janet Harrold (of trolley-painting fame) to create goat-themed Christmas ornaments that will go on sale at Cedar Grove Gardens this month. Ornaments will retail for $9.95 each and proceeds will go directly to the goats! Stop by Dot Park or Cedar Grove Gardens (911 Adams St.) for more info.

Lisa…”got your goat” Good Neighbor Award

28 Aug

written by Janet Lee Harrold 

She’s got style, she’s got grace…


if you have ever stepped into Cedar Grove Gardens it’s obvious that Lisa’s footprint is evident throughout the shop.

Congratulations Lisa on your Good Neighbor Award!

Lisa’s is well recognized around the shop for her creativity and keen eye for displaying beautiful treasures, she is the gift buyer responsible for making our hidden gem and tiny piece of Dorchester as sweet as it is. These are great attributes for sure but such a minute part of who she really is. From setting up gorgeous wedding venues to decorating homes for Christmas or perhaps designing that perfect front door wreath, she really has a gift,  if Lisa has a hand in decorating for you, you know you are getting quality work.  As a Cedar Grove Gardens staff member for many years, let’s just say that she exudes talent and we are beyond excited that others have recognized her strengths and her love for all things nature and awarded her this week with the very deserving “Good Neighbor Award”. Lisa’s neighborhood pride/ friendship and her love for her neighboring Dorchester Park was probably a large part in what lead to this special recognition and her latest endeavor “goatskaping” It sure has got everyone talking, even beyond the neighborhood. The goats have done an amazing job at snacking away at invasive plants and clearing away brambles and poison ivy, all while keeping children and adults entertained. At last tally her incredible efforts have accomplished raising over $3,700 of her 10,000 goal and counting, this effort is to keep the goats munching and keeping Dorchester Park looking it’s best. These curious and intelligent  unusual workers cost $400. a week to employ, goats are herbivores (plant-eaters) so they are enjoying their job as we enjoy having them.

A quote from Lisa “Please spread the word about the go fund me campaign and let’s make us a model for other community based city park projects”  Here is a link to the go fund me page, any amount no matter how small is appreciated



2018 Dot Park Car Show

19 Aug

 Dorchester Park 2018 Car Show

Thank you to Carole Mooney for such a great description of the Car Show and for all that she and her husband Paul does for our park!

Classic Car Show returns to Dot Park
On Sunday, Sept. 9 from 10-2 antique vehicles will sparkle like gems in historic Dorchester Park for the Sixth Annual Classic Car Show. On display will be cars and trucks many visitors will remember from their youth and some that were in use early in the last century.
The sound of classic hit tunes will add atmosphere to the display of beautifully restored vehicles and a food truck will provide refreshments. Visitors can also tour the park in a horse and wagon and students from the Boston School of Music will perform contemporary and classical music. Bean bag and other games will be available for families and giant bubbles will float in the air to delight children.

Owners can register their classic cars when entering the park. The event is free for everyone.

With the towering trees, hills and outcroppings of Dorchester Puddingstone, Dorchester Park provides a view of Dorchester’s terrain before cars were invented. Designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, creator of Boston’s Emerald Necklace and New York’s Central Park, Dorchester Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The car show is sponsored by the Dorchester Park Association (DPA), a volunteer organization responsible for organizing the Spring Egg Hunt and other events at the park and assisting the park department with the removal of litter and leaves. This year the DPA also secured four goats with big appetites to reduce poison ivy and invasive growth at the park.
For more information about the car show or the DPA, see or Dorchester Park in Massachusetts on Facebook

How To Share Your Love Of Gardening With The Kids In Your Life

10 Jul

How To Share Your Love Of Gardening With The Kids In Your Life

written by guest blogger Scott Jenkins


When my brothers son was a toddler it was quickly becoming obvious he was different from the other kids. He was very hyperactive and would fidget a lot. He would spend most of his play time moving from toy to toy, quickly becoming bored with whatever was in front of him.


There were two exceptions to this, however. He would play with his coloring books and Lego’s all afternoon when he got a new book or a new box of Lego bricks. He seemed to enjoy being constructive and creative with his time versus just casually playing.


How We Hooked My Nephew On Gardening


It was late winter and he was delicately coloring in a pink Power Ranger at our kitchen table. Our collection of coloring books was basically infinite but I couldn’t let him just sit there and color when he was over for a visit. I wanted to find something we could create together.


I remembered how amazed I was at his age by a small project I had done in elementary school. Each student planted a bean seed in a cup of soil and was responsible for tending to it. I was amazed when it first broke through the soil and I was so proud when I got to actually eat a string bean that summer.


That day we took a short break from coloring Power Rangers and planted a bean seed in a yogurt cup I pulled out of the recycling bin. He wasn’t terribly interested at the time but when he came back over a week later and there was a tiny green thing sticking out of the soil he became over the moon excited. We immediately planted the rest of the seeds and I knew he was hooked!


For years I was able to get him to come over and garden with me. He lost interest here and there along the way but with a few tricks I was able to reign him back in. Here’s how we did it.


Let Them Have Their Own Garden


The smaller it is the easier it will be for them to manage. Even a couple large containers will be enough in the beginning and they’ll be excited to get more pots or an actual small plot of land next year.


Don’t Buy Cheap Toddler Tools


You can buy a colorful kit that includes a few tools, gloves, and a bag for around $20 but the quality is really poor and they really don’t need anything more than a small shovel. You can get a small shovel for them for just a couple dollars and paint the handle and shovel itself any way you want. This makes for a fun project to do with them too.


Plant Seeds That Grow Quick


If you’re making a wildflower garden plant seeds that grow fast and will flower often. Black Eyed Susan’s and Cosmos are both a great choice for this.


If you’re planting a vegetable garden turnips and lettuce are a good choice. Even if they won’t eat either of those they’ll get a kick out of watching you eat them.


If you want to grow something they may eat carrots and grape tomatoes as both a great choice.


Build A Scarecrow


When their interest starts to wane a bit in the middle of the summer there are a few ways you can focus their interest back on the garden. One project that they always get a kick out of is building a scarecrow.


Kids grow like weeds so I’m sure they have some clothes that are too small for them in the back of the dresser. An old pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt is all you need. Stuff them with straw to form the body and stuff a pillowcase to use as a head.


My nephew is a young man now but he remembers our garden vividly. There’s always a place for him in mine but I suspect that when he gets a place of his own he will have his own garden. Hopefully he will set a small part of his garden aside for me to grow some beans in with his kids.