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Evening of Inspiration 2012

24 Oct

We had an amazing evening full of entertainment, food and useful information.   Below are some images from the evening, hope to see everyone again next year!

Bob shows us how to transform planters full of dead summer plants into cheerful holiday arrangements.

Bob shows us how to transform planters full of dead summer plants into cheerful holiday arrangements.


Lisa's Thanksgiving centerpiece features a natural woodland design.

Lisa’s Thanksgiving centerpiece features a natural woodland design.


The pear place card holders in Richard's Thanksgiving design were inspired by Dorchester's Clapp pear heritage.

The pear place card holders in Richard’s Thanksgiving design were inspired by Dorchester’s Clapp pear heritage.


Richard designs a centerpiece for a Republican event.

Richard designs a centerpiece for a Republican event.


Blue is the theme for Democrats.

Blue is the theme for Democrats.


After the election, it's back to red, white and blue.

After the election, it’s back to red, white and blue.


Lisa pairs wine with complementary cheese and fruit and a handsome basket arrangement for a casual event.

Lisa pairs wine with complementary cheese and fruit and a handsome basket arrangement for a casual event.


Wine and cheese is listed on brown wrapping paper.

Wine and cheese is listed on brown wrapping paper.

Wedding Show at Cedar Grove Gardens

19 Jan


Want to drop a really heavy hint in your loved ones direction? Saunter casually by our wedding (planning) open house.  We will have a beautiful assortment of wedding arrangements on display, as well as information available from other wedding vendors.

Wedding Show Dates / Times:

Friday February 3rd   5:30-7:30 p.m.
Saturday February 4th  1:00-4:00 p.m.
Sunday (Superbowl) February 5th 11-2:00

It’s a nice relaxed time to wander through the shop, and we are here to discuss your needs if, perhaps, you have already decided to tie the knot and have questions about what flowers will be available on your wedding date, or which look might be right for your venue.


This may be just what you need to keep the superbowl weekend testosterone surge at bay, so keep us in mind. No need to skip the nachos, but come get a sweet floral perspective on your future and let us answer any questions that you may have. Can’t wait to see you.


The Superbowl of Wedding Shows

04 Jan

Calling all Brides…It’s getting to be that time again. Our annual Wedding Show. We traditionally have it here at the shop on Superbowl Weekend. With kick off in mind the hours will be: Friday Feb 3rd 5:30-7:30p.m. Saturday Feb.4th from 1-4 and Sunday Feb. 5th from 11-2:00p.m. Scroll below to view some of our past wedding shows.


Our Superbowl of Wedding Shows will take place on the same weekend as the NFL Superbowl.  This wedding show is usually the most involved of our quarterly wedding shows. We highlight six to eight different approaches of floral decor for all the seasons of the year. You’ll find bouquets, personal flowers, ceremony and reception examples in various color directions and budget ranges.


The show is great for us. The store has lot’s of room as we put away the last few remnants of the Christmas season, prepare for Valentines Day and the upcoming Spring holiday and gardening season. It is one of our most successful marketing programs of the year. We get to be the customer and the designer!!! Now how often do you think that happens?  It’s a great opportunity for us to experiment with different color mixes and textures. Our sole focus is to highlight our creativity and display the depth of the talent you’ll find here at Cedar Grove Gardens.


We have a very talented group of people here with combined experience of well over 100 years in the floral business. I’ve been doing floral design at Cedar Grove Gardens for over thirty years now. I still learn new things on a regular basis from the gifted people that work alongside of me. My hair is gray now but my ideas are just as crisp as they were when I started ! This must be because the staff hasn’t put me out to pasture yet!! (I’m sure they are reading this and saying “maybe it’s time.”)


We invite you to come by and see our ideas of various design and color approaches. We’ll be here to discuss how you might begin planning for your special event. You’ll appreciate our low key sales style. Bring a camera, talk to a photographer. Have a glass of wine or water, nibble on some cheese, get info on catering. Pick up info on some of our favorite venues that we have worked with.  Who knows maybe you’ll meet a dj?


There is no cost and no obligation and we’ll be running a great promotion for people that eventually book with us as a result of attending this show. The possibilities are left to one’s imagination!


February 2011 Wedding Show

09 Jan

Last weekend was our largest wedding show of the year! This seasons wedding show was well attended  and gave us the opportunity to display our creative skills. We created this forsythia archway to act as a focal point.  It is a great opportunity to view numerous possibilities for everything floral used during a wedding celebration.From simple and clean to distinctive  and elaborate, this year’s show offered numerous possibilities.

cgg forsytjia archway


More photos of our wedding show that do a great job of showing the rich detail and color that we are recognized for!


We aren’t afraid to use bold strong color or work with a softer pallette and convey the message you want to send.


You see versions of high centerpieces and stand possibilities as well as bouquets such as this with hypericum berries & roses.


Who would have thought that a simple bouquet of Carnations or Stock could pack such an elegant punch of color!


Flower Girl pomanders and floral baskets were also on display.


These bouquets of hydrangea, roses and grasses offer ideas that coordinate with the following photos of a table landscape appropriate for a seaside celebration!



Sometimes the simpler aspects offer great opportunity for detail. These bouts and corsages do a great job of showing that the possibilities are endless!




An Evening of Inspiration 2010

16 Nov

Pictures from our Evening of Inspiration held on November 5. Over eighty people joined us for two enjoyable, informative and entertaining evenings. The  evenings featured fine wine from Esprit du Vin, fine foods from Gourmet Caterer and sensible and approachable table decor and container gardening approaches for the upcoming season. Lisa continues to wow with simple and clean suggestions, while Bob DelBove and John Mazzone made clear that the garden season enters it’s fourth season with lots of options for exterior color. Richard followed up with various comments and the finale.


The audience contemplates an awesome arrangement of flowers in tall cylindrical and round glass vases by Richard. This grouping contained parrot tulips, gardenias and freesia.


Lisa arranges flowers in water with floating candles.


Guests laugh along with Lisa during the presentation.


Thanksgiving arrangements including a basket of birch boughs with pine cones, flowers and the lucious red seeds of an opened pomegranate. The basket in back is filled with gourds and roses.


Richard and guests enjoy a lighthearted exchange.