Corporate Incentive, Flowers & Plants in the Workplace

01 Mar


Now that the recession is doing better and spring is just around the corner, let us put a smile on your face as you begin your work week. Recent research proves that flowers and plants in the workplace can not only beautify the surroundings but increase creativity amongst employees. (Sell that pitch to your employer and you can receive a $100.00 gift certificate to Cedar Grove Gardens). It shouldn’t be that hard a sell as I am speaking the honest truth.

It’s the first impression that lasts the longest. call us for a free corporate consultation. We work hard to understand what works best in your desired location. Whether it be a window display, a corporate reception desk, a restaurant or a hospital lobby, we will work together to find the appropriate design that fits your style.

If you refer Cedar Grove Gardens to someone who sets up weekly corporate designs from us, we will give you a gift certificate for $100.00 after 3 months of successfully servicing them. It’s that easy, let the referrals begin!


Learn More About Compost

27 Feb

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Compost? Our first “Grubby Writer” article is written by Jeffrey Margulies of Roslindale:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Compost (play /ˈkɒmpɒst/ or /ˈkɒmpoʊst/) is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Compost is a key ingredient in organic farming. At the simplest level, the process of composting simply requires making a heap of wetted organic matter (leaves, food waste) and waiting for the materials to break down into soil after a period of weeks or months.


make-a-garden-compost Let’s compost. It’s simple, safe and fun.   A composting bin is simple to set up. It’s safe from children and critters. It’s fun to walk outside, feel the sun and make an eco-deposit. We built a bin with wooden loading pallets, chicken wire and a front door on the bottom to extract the “black gold”.

You don’t need to do all the work. There are 2 composters I would recommend. At gardeners.com, check out the Deluxe Pyramid Composter (It comes in black and brown). Another favorite is at compostbins.com look at the Exaco Theramaquick 110 Gallon Recycled Plastic Compost Bin. With a name like that, you would think it would cost $599. but,you can buy it on sale for less than $100.


Also think about the Single Bin Wire Composter. It’s a convenient and tidy way to store your leaves, grass clippings, weeds and other yard debris (no twigs)- they decompose really slowly). Both the bins appear to have good aeration, controlled entrance of water, a large opening on top for easy turning and stirring and a good sized door for easy access to your finished product. When you get the bin, till the soil underneath for drainage-there won’t be a bottom. Put a 6″ to 12″ mixed layer of leaves, grass,weeds, hay, straw, (not too many pine needles), and any kitchen scraps you’ve already accumulated, in the bottom of the bin. The more you shred, the faster everything will decompose.


From here on, it’s really easy. Place a sealable container next to the sink for easy scraping of plates. A caveat: no citrus, meat, poultry or fish. Remember, the smaller the pieces, the quicker the decomposition. Deposit the contents every 3-4 days. Throw it all around. Drop a thin layer of your leaf, etc. mixture in the bin and stir it and turn it over a little. You don’t have to do this every time-just when you see the scraps accumulating. We’ve cut down on our trash by 75% and we don’t have to buy any “enriched soil”.

You’re going to have to wait for the warmer weather for decomposing to start. But it’s worth waiting for!

If you would like to guest blog join our “Grubby Writers” in writing helpful gardening tips, see our submissions blog for details, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Call for Submissions “Grubby Writers”

18 Feb

fence It seems as though February just may be a quiet time for outdoor gardens, and with few visits from Jack Frost this winter, I am really eager for the spring and having intoxicating thoughts about getting down and dirty in my spring and summer garden. I am wondering who in our Neighborhood is having some of these same dirty thoughts? If you are passionate about gardening and enjoy writing, I would like to have you guest blog on our website. It is my intention to get a few good writers and a few good gardeners hand picked from our very own neighborhood, give them (you) recognition and share your passion and your knowledge about topics that you enjoy. They can be insightful, witty, edgy and/or entertaining, but they must be factual! If you would like to be a part of what I am calling our “Grubby Writers” by supplying content and photos and having us Publish them on our blog for everyone to read, please contact me. harrold.janet@gmail.com

Articles should be 500 words (give or take) and we maintain editors rights and can change words as we see necessary. This will be fun, I have listed a few Titles to get your creative juices flowing, you can choose one of these titles and run with it or you can choose one of your own. But, you must contact me first, this is not a paying position, just an opportunity to be involved in our community and to be recognized for your hard work. Have fun and be inspirational.

Our first “Grubby Writer” will be Jeffrey Margulies from Roslindale, he will be writing about “Compost, Compost, Compost” You can expect to read his Article next week and I hope to have you all sign up with me soon!

Other suggested Titles you can choose from include but are not limited to:

  • “Vegetable Gardens” (Beet the heat) (Stringin’ Beans)
  • “On the Edge” or “Edgy” (gardens that act as borders)
  • “Counting Birds” (things you can do to encourage wildlife)
  • “Wild about Susan” (wild flowers to include black-eyed susans)
  • “Herb Garden” (including recipes for rosemary chicken or Basil pizza)
  • “Fun things to grow in the City” (suitable for Urban cultivation)
  • “For less weeds toss seeds” (from seed)
  • “Garden Dilemmas”
  • “Garden Humor”
  • “Patty-O Perrennials” (container gardens for the patio)
  • “Cold Climate Gardening”
  • “The story of a Garden”
  • “Cold Frames”
  • “Only Organic”

Anyway, you get the idea, if you are interested in becoming one of our “Grubby Writers” email me harrold.janet@gmail.com looking forward to hearing from you soon.