Thanksgiving scavenger hunt starts now

01 Nov

by Janet Lee Harrold

Thanksgiving is here, the warmth of family and blessings, the natural hues right outside our door of crimson and gold flank nature’s landscape, as we walk through the crisp autumn leaves we are reminded to take in the beauty this short season has to offer, before we know it the town  will be white and we will be wondering where November has gone.

I often think of myself as a collector a scavenger of sorts,  I can’t help but enjoy the bounty that nature has to offer as I bring the outdoors inside, all the while keeping in mind that the many treasures I find will complete my autumn decor and add to my tablescape on Thanksgiving day. My guests are always in awe of the simple pleasures that are offered. I can’t take all the credit though, I think it is fun to make a list of treasures for the kids to forage for  on the weekends leading up to the Holiday.  Chestnuts, acorns, pinecones…these things should be in abundance right now, send them out with a bag or a basket and see what they retrieve and if you are really lucky you can find osage balls or crabapples.

I also like to pick evergreens and pinecones form various trees and use them strewn about the house both inside and out, on my front porch stoop I like to use birch logs and red twig dogwood, boughs of pine and douglas fir added to any leftover pumpkins that I may have from Halloween.

The grocery store is also a great place to find Thanksgiving accents, don’t forget the pomegranates, artichokes, cranberries and persimmons even the common fig…

With the bounty that you have collected over the next few weeks your Holiday setting will look it’s absolute best, you can use them loose on the table, in the entryway or you can make your very own wreath. If you are not quite feeling creative or up to the challenge, take a walk through Cedar Grove Gardens, it is a great place to get inspired and as always it has lots of nice treasures and ideas of it’s own. Happy hunting!

In case you were wondering…about Cedar Grove Gardens

19 Jun

written by Janet Lee Harrold

Though most of our loyal customers already know the scope of what we do at Cedar Grove Gardens, I think it is always a good reminder to keep our customers both new and old (haha)  informed. It’s sometimes hard to believe but we have been in business for 37 years now (wow) and many of you have been with us from the beginning (we won’t mention any names) a few of our staff members have been as well. This blog is just a way of letting our new comers know what is in service for them as well as a gentle reminder to our longstanding customers.

This time of year we are full swing in the garden center, it is bursting with color and fragrance. You can find annuals and perennials, herbs, soil and wind spinners. Our staff in the garden center are  always happy to assist you in making the right choices for your yard. In addition to the garden center we offer a number of off site services. We are happy to work with you on landscaping projects as well as planting window boxes, patio planters and container gardens.

In the fall our garden center stocks pumpkins, kale, wheat, mums and anything that you can possibly imagine at Harvest Time. It is also the time of year that we host our annual “Harvest Festival”  we encourage the children to attend this festival in their favorite Halloween costume. We pass out balloons, apple cider, popcorn and the kids have loads of fun busting our candy and money filled pinata’s. If that isn’t enough fun we offer a horse drawn carriage ride that takes place across the street in the Cedar Grove Cemetery.  All FREE of charge!

For the adults who are eager to start the holiday season, we host a popular event here at the shop often times it is in November, but this year it will be held October 23rd, 24th and 25th. “Evening of Inspiration” is one of our most sought after events, R.S.V.P required. There is a ticket charge for this event but your money is well spent. It is a catered event and an evening of sipping and entertainment as we demonstrate how to get your home ready for the holidays, offering tips and inspiration from the many talented floral experts here on staff. You can come by yourself or with a group of friends, we guarantee you will not be disappointed!




During the winter months, our garden center is choc full of Christmas trees, custom designed wreaths (a service that not many provide) and roping. During this time of year we also do a few off site design jobs. We offer in home and commercial decorating for the Holidays. Inside the shop you will be captivated by the variety of beautifully decorated trees on display, often decorated in different themes and always  adorned with the most unusual Christmas tree ornaments that you will ever find.  You may even catch a glimpse of our upside down tree. Come in to be inspired and be prepared to be wowed. It’s our busiest time of the year!


What a lot of people don’t realize (and this surprises me every time) is that inside the flower shop we also have an extensive gift shop, a hidden gem if you will. We carry a very sweet line and sometimes unusual line of unique gifts. Many things that you won’t find in the stores.  You can expect to see items that local artisans have created, In fact “Motowi Tiles” are a popular seller here in the shop, If you are in the market for an accent lamp, we have some great finds that are sure to add to the character and charm of your decor.  We have fine pottery, lanterns, wall hangings, we carry gourmet candies and foods, funny cocktail napkins oh and if you want to know how to mix the best cocktail, we have books that will show you just that. We stock the funniest and nicest greeting cards (a thing that people think is becoming a lost art, but we know better).

In addition to all the fun things listed above, we can’t loose site of the fact that we are a full service flower shop. We are fortunate enough to have a flower market so close by so we visit and shop there every single day, this is the main reason why you can count on having fresh flowers and plants when you order from Cedar Grove Gardens.

A few of the everyday flower needs that we service on a regular basis are for both happy and sad occasions. In addition to all of the Holidays (and believe me there are many) we commonly design flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, proms and  sympathy, we send flowers to cheer people up when they are sick or flowers to say I love you.

Speaking of I love you’s can we talk about weddings? On average we book about 75 weddings a year! (Yikes).  We are a full service florist, this means that we meet with you a number of times during the planning stages of your big day, we provide consultations, on site visits and samples…. we don’t just drop off your beautiful blooms and let you fend for yourself, we take pride in our work and we realize that the beauty is in the details, we deliver the personal flowers to you, we set up the ceremony flowers and we transport them to the reception if need be, we also deliver the centerpieces to your reception, this can be as simple as setting them on the table or as elaborate as setting up the entire facility,  maybe you have rented a chuppah or archway from us and it needs the touch of a  floral expert, we are happy to provide that service as well. Oh and the work load doesn’t stop there. We typically go back the same evening and collect any rental containers that may have been used to enhance the beauty of the floral elements that were provided, so you see, when you hire us to do your wedding, we are going to go that extra mile to ensure that your day is as perfect as it was meant to be.

Luscious Bouquets Rachel Red Photography

We also host wedding shows here in the shop, offering the hottest of trends and allowing you to see and hold flowers from all four seasons. No matter what time of year our wedding show is held we’ve got your month covered!

All in all this was my brief.. lol summary of what we do on a regular basis and the services that we provide to you. I hope it was helpful and I hope that you stop in to our little hidden gem, a sliver of Dorchester that many don’t even realize exists.

Let them Grow…the benefits of gardening with children

07 Apr

written by Janet Lee Harrold

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the rise of toddlers and young children on  electronics? The other day while visiting the doctors office, I couldn’t help but notice that there were at least 3 children, all from different families that each had their moms cell phone. I am assuming they were playing games to keep themselves busy, maybe they were unaware that there were plenty of children’s books to read on the shelf above them or they somehow missed the cleverly designed Lego station that the other kids were enjoying. I’m not judging and I know there could be a number of reasons, including medical reasons that are not visible to others why they chose to play that afternoon on their phones instead of with the other children. But the fact remains that technology is the way of the world today and it’s o.k. that my 3 year old grandson knows more about the ipad than I do. But, this season I challenge you to take the electronic free challenge approach with your kids…

o.k. maybe electronic FREE is a little ambitious but taking some time to get the kids outside in the garden, digging in the dirt this season, I promise it will have more rewards than I can even mention. A little, sun, a little soil, a little fun and a little kid might be just the right mix for a perfect growing season. Despite the fact that we live in an electronic world, let’s help our kids remain kids and encourage them to get outside more and away from the computers, ipads and smartphones. Teach them the many wonders that mother nature has to offer, it doesn’t have to cost a lot just a bit of old fashioned responsibility and imagination.  Let them reap and sow the rewards of their labor as they watch their very own garden grow. The hidden part  of the equation is that they don’t even realize the valuable lessons that they are learning. The  responsibility, nurturing and knowledge about where their food comes from is only the beginning. Start a vegetable garden and watch the smile on your child’s face when you send them out to pick a cucumber and a couple of cherry tomatoes for the evening dinner salad. If you don’t have the space for a large garden, no worries grab a pot and some cherry tomato seedlings. They’re amazingly easy to grow, and even one plant will bear a steady crop of bite-size fruits all season long!

Why not plant a kid friendly raised bed and plant colorful flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbird and other pollinators? A couple of good choices would be zinneas and marigolds. Use an organic approach-many pesticides are toxic, there is no need to use powerful poisons to protect your garden from insects and diseases.

The garden also provides a great way to teach kids about watering and planting.  Building a fairy garden with objects found around your house and yard is a great way to have fun and bring a little creativity and sense of whimsy to your garden and the kids will love it! The whimsical  addition to your outdoor space makes the perfect family project, it will keep the  kids busy everyday and actively keep their imagination growing. I feel most of the fun is in the hunt, foraging for sticks, stones, pebbles and marbles is an ongoing process, they can even paint their own frog stools or  fairy signs. Choosing a container to sprinkle your fairy dust in can be as simple as a clay pot or saucer as we have done here. On a larger scale, why not have a huge galvanized bucket that they can kneel and play at everyday?

For most children, being outside has many health benefits but actively gardening can also engage all of their senses, touching and feeling the dirt and seeds and smelling the flowers are just a few.  Because the flowers and vegetables take time to grow, watering the garden teaches children patience and responsibility. Gardening also helps to encourage healthy eating and promotes trying new and different foods. It promotes family bonding, fine motor skills and so much more, but the benefit that I like most unlike the instant gratification that our children get from technology, is the wonderment on their little faces they experience the very first time they see the tomato  ripen or that bud bloom!

So get your garden started and get your children involved and don’t forget we carry most of the  fruits and vegetables that were  mentioned right here at Cedar Grove Gardens!



A new growing season begins

21 Mar


Things to begin thinking about…

It’s the time of year when we begin to get motivated about the upcoming spring season. Doing a few early preparations will bring great benefits all year long. So while we wait for mother nature to give us the go ahead, there are a few things that we can be thinking about. One small secret to executing our spring garden is by starting off with a plan. Maybe you would like to plant a vegetable garden this year, maybe a raised bed?  Think about trouble spots from last year and how you can rectify them early this year to make your yard a welcoming environment and a place that you will really enjoy  coming home to after a long days work. If container gardening on your deck is a better prospect  for you, think about investing in a couple of decorative pots that really make a statement. In container gardens, plants are easily transitioned from season to season.

unnamed (56)

Now is the perfect time to get your lawn mower in for service, this way you are ready when the time comes and you will also beat the eager gardening crowd. Turn on your outdoor spigots and attach hoses.

Over the winter leaves and debris gather and  live in drainage areas.  Keep in mind that a  great place to discard your cleared material would be in the compost. Rake out any existing leaves and debris,  pick up small branches and add  them in the compost pile as well.

When planning your garden this spring don’t forget to visit our garden center at Cedar Grove Gardens for great ideas and inspiration.  As well as the best variety of plants in town!




17 Mar

Just wanted to keep you updated on a few changes here at the shop. You may have recently called the shop to place an order only to learn that we are asking for your patience as we get adjusted to our new computer and phone systems. You may have even received a bill and our monthly statements look different. We have undergone a few  changes with new equipment in the hopes of serving you better in the future. Please know that we appreciate your patience during this brief adjustment period and we look forward to serving you better in the future.

On a high note, we are just as anxious as you may be to for the upcoming spring season! Pansies and spring wreaths are in and we have bulb flowers trickling in here and there, I noted a few hyacinth  plants and tete a tete’s  have made their way into the shop and that my friends are a sure sign that we are gearing up!


If you have come into the shop you will notice that we have once again transformed the shop from Christmas trees to spring offerings, the shop is full of unbelievably real, silk and dried flowers, we also have an Easter selection on display, the only thing we need now is for all the snow  to disappear!

…and for those of you who follow us closely and may be wondering, Bubba has adjusted well to his happy home and new surroundings!







Cupid Draw Back Your Bow

31 Jan

Our “All you need is Love” design  is the perfect bouquet chock full of romantic flowers such as tulips, roses, miniature gerbera daisy’s , hydrangeas, statice and ranunculus the image that you see below is $90. or you can get a smaller version but still sweet for $70. and an upgraded version with plenty more love and flowers for $125.

65 2 fr

Our “Still in Love with you ” design is a sweet, romantic, design it includes beautiful roses, sweet hiacinths  and gerbera daisy’s. The image captured below shows our $125. bouquet, again, you can always get a smaller sweet version for $90. and a premium version for $160.

stil in love with you bouquet


Many have come accustom to ordering and receiving roses. Our classic red dozen is arranged in a traditional glass vase with a simple variety of mixed greens, the cost is $80.  classic2fr

Our Deluxe version also has mixed greens and includes babies breathe  the cost for these beauties are  $90.



If an upgraded, more modern vase is what you are after, our Premium Dozen has  mixed greens,  wax flower and an upgraded vase, the cost $100.


A Fall Wedding in New England

12 Jan

written by Janet Lee Harrold

Over the course of the 13 or 14 years that I have been  working here at Cedar Grove Gardens, I have had many of opportunities to view, design, set up, break down  and post about the hundreds, no  actually  thousands of beautiful wedding flowers that we create for newly married couples on a weekly basis. It’s not everyday that I get the opportunity to be invited and actually see the fruits of our labor throughout the entire day and blog about it on  a personal level. This past fall I was able to attend as a guest- the beautiful bride Arianne is the daughter of one of Cedar Grove Gardens finest. Growing up as a teenager, Arianne also worked here at the shop for a couple of years to earn a bit of spending money so we like to think we watched her grow up. Needless to say I was honored to be invited.



On a typical day Arianne is a beautiful young woman inside and out, but on her wedding day-she was absolutely stunning. Her dress was breathtaking designed by Rosa Clara with lace and  seeded pearls. The beauty that no one could see was the thoughtful sentiment that her mother had sewn in for her, it was to be her something blue.  A remnant of her junior high school uniform where she  met her first crush and now love of her life Mike. The blue plaid swatch  with I love you embroidered in red also held her grandfathers wedding band close to her heart even if just for that afternoon.




Her bouquet was one of my personal favorites.


The Landscape outside of The Red Lion Inn was bursting with rich autumnal hues. Arianne and Mike’s first look photos were taken beneath a gorgeous red Japanese Maple surrounded by a warm golden and neutral backdrop that complimented the colors of the bridesmaids dresses and garnet colored calla lily’s, antique hydrangea , seeded eucalyptus, sweet pea and dusty miller that made up their lovely bouquets.






The Ceremony was to take place at the end of the enchanted  staircase, lined with candle lit antiqued  lanterns and flanked with floral accents that included O’hara garden roses, sprigs of lisianthus  and green moss. The ambiance in the room was incredible. Below the staircase they stood underneath the amazing  crystal chandelier where they recited their wedding vows and brought the entire room to tears. After the ceremony the guests were directed to the upstairs loft to enjoy the cocktail reception while the downstairs was transformed into a stunning ballroom like atmosphere for an evening of dinner and dancing. The table arrangements were quite fitting as garden roses, lisianthus calla lilies. sweet pea and textural greens encompassed a  candle lit lantern, the fragrance of the flowers permeated the room and the guests were anxiously awaiting to see who the lucky person was that would get to take home the centerpiece.

0445 0447


0443 0459

The evening was certainly one to be remembered, but could not have been possible without the hard work of all the qualified vendors.

For starters. the beautiful images that you see above and so many more where taken by the fabulous Ali Rosa Photography, this was not our first experience with Ali, she also did the photos for another one of our co- workers weddings…we love how amazing, thoughtful and in- tune she was to everything important that day.

The D.J. was Nu Image Entertainment

The Cake was from Montilio’s Baking Co.

The venue was the Red Lion Inn in Cohassett 

Flowers of course… who else but Cedar Grove Gardens

Hair  Amanda Crocc AC Styles

Make up Heather Conley Make up Artist 



Wedding Flower Pricing Guide

28 Dec

unnamed (32) So you’ve just  begun the amazing and frightful journey of deciding all of the glamorous  details for your special day. We know from being in “the industry” that there are so many things to consider.  Quality, quantity, pricing and so much more. We have derived a general pricing structure to guide you with your wedding flower planning. Please note, this is just a guide and shouldn’t replace our COMPLIMENTARY wedding consultations with one of our professional consultants. We will sit down with you and go over more of the finer details of your day and discuss what is in season and available to you at the optimum price range. We are also here to answer any questions you may have. For an appointment call 617.825.8582


BRIDAL PARTY                                    MODEST PRICING                    AVERAGE PRICING              EMBELLISHED PRICING                                            

Bridal Bouquet                                                 $90.00                                         $125.00                                      $175.00+

Bridesmaid’s Bouquets                                    $50.00                                          $75.00                                        $100.00+

Flower Girl                                                        $20.00                                          $40.00                                       $60.00 embellished is a simple headwreath and basket

Corsages                                                          $22.00                                          $30.00                                       $45.00

Tussies                                                              $30.00                                         $45.00                                       $55.00

 Boutonniere                                                      $12.00                                         $15.00                                      $20.00

Toss Bouquet                                                    Complimentary                           $30.00                                        $50.00 special requests


Pew Bows                                                          $10.00                                            $20.00                                      $30.00

Archway                                                             $200.00                                          $350.00                                    $500.00

Chuppah                                                            $300.00                                          $450.00                                    $550.00

Altar Arrangements                                            $100.00                                          $150.00                                    $200.00

Aisle Runner/Petals                                           $35.00 paper                                 $75.00 Linen  Rental                 $100.00 Long Linen

                   Petals: $25 bag/$50 sprinkling/$100-200 boarders



Cake Flowers                                                $20.00                                               $35.00                                     $50.00

Table Centerpieces Low                                $50.00                                               $75.00                                     $100.00+

Table Centerpieces High                               $85.00                                               $125.00                                   $180.00+

Guest Book Table                                          $75.00                                               $100.00                                   $150.00+