Easter is on it’s way

10 Apr

After such a long, cold snow filled winter, we are anxious and excited to welcome the return of spring and the Easter holiday. If you feel the same, you may just need to come into the shop and get your annual dose of spring fragrance. It’s o.k. no need to purchase, we realize the need to just take it all in. That my friend is the bonus of being a florist, sometimes we take for granted that we get to look at , handle, and smell spring even before Mother Nature says it is time.   Lilies, hiacinth, tulips and daffodils are all beautiful bulb plants that  can be enjoyed in your home (as a fresh cut flower) and in your garden (plants) and they are all indicative of Easter. When the holiday ends and the blooms have passed, do yourself a favor and  plant them outside in your flower beds or as a border. They won’t flower this year but they ‘ll be back to greet you next spring, they always seem to know when you need it  most and it’s always a pleasant surprise!


easter slider




Expressing our creativity

14 Mar

I just came across a few pictures from a Bat mitzvah  that we did in November. The pictures did not do these centerpieces justice  and may be a bit difficult to see.  I will attempt to describe them the best I can so that you can see these lovely acrylic ballarina and jazz/tap dancers for what they are.

HIrsch Batmitvah 2014 acrylic forms   Hirsch Batmitzva 20142

The first image  is a beautiful acrylic ballerina with rhinestone bands on her neck and waistline adding a touch of elegance and whimsy, we used pink led acolytes to light up under her tulle  and the flowers were a variety of sweet pink carnations.

The second image  is a lovely acrylic tap/jazz dancer , we covered her in black sequence material that encompassed a grouping of white gerbera daisy’s around the waistline, At the foot of the base was a more substantial floral presence. Overall we had 18 tables.

Batmitsva Hirsch 2013

“Life would be better if we wore more tutu’s”

IGNITE the NITE 2014

11 Mar


IGNITE the NITE 2014

By Tajah Downey

On February 27th, we were honored to donate the floral decor for Boston GLOW’s IGNITE ignite the nit2 2014

the NITE annual fundraiser and silent auction. This volunteer run foundation focuses on the

development, empowerment, and education of young women to become critical thinking leaders

in our future. Young at-risk girls from all over the Boston area take part in classes, activities, and

even apply for scholarships to help them further the ideas they think will benefit young girls in

their communities.

I personally attended the event and enjoyed dancing into the evening to a local artist by the name

of Jenna Paone and DJour Entertainment. Tavern Road, El Pelon, and Gourmet Caterers enticed

us with tasty bites to keep us going while Festpics and Lens CAP Productions documented the


If drinks and dancing weren’t enough, the silent auction kept everyone buzzing. I even found

myself bidding on, and apparently winning, a collection of handmade earrings and a bracelet

designed by Uli.

It was a success by all accounts and we hope to take part again next year.

ignite the nit 3 2014 ignite the nite1 2014


Oscars on the Avenue

03 Mar

written by Richard O’Mara

Last night I had the opportunity to act as auctioneer at the Oscars on the Avenue Event hosted by St Marks Area Main Streets.  SMAMS has been an active organization who’s mission is to improve the quality of the business environment and  community life along a one mile stretch of Dorchester Ave.  They organize the beautification of the area, The Ashmont Peabody Farmer’s Market  along with Holiday Tree Lighting and numerous other things.

oscars awarded

oscars gowns


It was great to see the community come together, all decked out, some in tuxedos and gown, suits and outfits befitting movie stars!!  A Silent Auction was held and I auctioned off five live auction items that helped raise an additional $3000.00 to the proceeds of this event!  I am a firm believer in giving back to the community and had a blast…..Thanks SMAMS for inviting me to play such a prominent role in their event.

red carpet

oscars crowd

oscars statues



Valentines designs

05 Feb


Not sure what to get your sweetheart for Valentines Day? Stop draggin’ her heart around and steal her heart instead with these breathtaking designs.

To order any of these flower arrangements either for local delivery or pick up call 617-825-8582 to view more fantastic designs head on over to our order flowers page  

“My heart skips a beat for you” wpv14 This monochromatic design is sure to make a dramatic statement. Roses, Gerbera Daisy’s and Tulips.

As shown $75.00 Regular $65.00 Premium $90.00

My heart skips a beat for ypu 1140 x800ish

“Take another little piece of my heart” wpv16  Sweetheart roses are  delicately designed in the shape of a heart and placed on a hedge of mixed greens in this low 6″ x 6″  design As shown  $60.00 Large $75.00 Premium $90.00

Take another little piece of my heart 1140 x 855  

“Unconditional Love”

Flowers-Unconditional love


“Dear Sweetness” Vd018  This combination of soft spring  blossoms hydrangea, spray roses and  ranunculus are just a few ingredients that create this lovely blend of

sweetness. As shown in a 4x 4 vessel is only $60.00 a larger and more substantial version would be $80.00 and for the best show on this particular design would be



dear sweetness


“Double your pleasure”  A classic way to say I love you  with 2 dozen medium stemmed roses, a sure  way to speak to her heart.

double your pleasure


One of our beautiful brides featured in the knot

This gallery contains 25 photos.

We were excited to learn that one of our September Brides will be featured in an upcoming issue of the knot ! Could it have been the gorgeous wedding flowers that we provided? I’d like to think so, but everyone knows that as beautiful as they are,  flowers alone don’t make the entire wedding the special […]

What are you doing for your sweetheart Valentine’s Day?

27 Jan

It’s just around the corner, so what are you doing for your sweetheart? Of course, every woman expects flowers on  this particular holiday, and how nice when they  are delivered to the office…don’t just send them….WOW them!  Roses are a great choice and typically the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about  flowers for your Valentine, but keep in mind they are not the only choice…often times a bouquet of one type of flower can make a great impact and can be a refreshing and welcoming change.

resized for blog

for example a beautiful bouquet of fragrant  Hiacinth’s can really make a statement

1000 h


After all love is in the air right? Yea right, the only thing that I see in the air lately is snow.This winter sure has had plenty of it, these cold blustery days  make me long for warm weather. Since we live in New England, that isn’t going to happen for a few more months.  The best we can do is to think warm thoughts, and send warm sentiments to your Valentine.  A beautifully designed spring flower arrangement of  tulips,  hiacinths or roses is enough to make her heart melt. (If only it worked for the snow).


tulips resized3


resized for blog

Phillips Chocolates….after you have successfully warmed her up you may need to sweeten her a bit…we also carry Phillips chocolates here in the shop. An 11oz box of assorted  chocolates is the perfect size to accompany that blooming bouquet, but  1 pound box is enough to offer her co-workers a tasty treat. Either of  these can be added and delivered locally with your flower delivery. Call the shop today 617-825-8582 and beat the mad rush.

Phillips house Phillips house princess 11oz




International Lonely Bouquet Day

11 Jan


written by: Janet Harrold

I’ve recently learned about a movement called “Lonely Bouquet Day” It was started by a woman named Emily who lives in Belgium. It was her way of spreading joy through the gift of flowers. As soon as I finished reading about this I couldn’t wait to get involved. I thought…what an easy random act of kindness to participate in. My only problem/dilemma was that I did not want to wait until June 29th (That is the actual date for The Lonely Bouquet Day).  So instead, I chose to spread the good will immediately and regularly. Today, I will put a sweet bouquet together -add a little note with it and drop it somewhere special, in hopes that someone who really needs it will find it. The note will read something like this… “Adopt me please! Here I sit all alone, waiting for someone to just take me home. I’m fresh from the garden and made with care, enjoy me yourself or possibly share”.   Because it is the first time doing this, it may be a  good idea to leave a clue on our facebook page…so, be on the lookout for a clue as to where this lonely bouquet will be left. I will  also be accepting suggestions of places to set our blooming treasure around town. If you know of a particular place, office, restaurant, hospital, nursing home or any random location, please leave it in the comment section provided. Of course we may not be able to leave these lovelies everywhere that may be suggested, we will do our best to entertain as many as we can.

Can you say Super Stocking Stuffers

18 Dec

My ideal stocking is something that is filled to the brim with both practical gifts and fun little treasures…make Christmas morning memorable… here are a few fun ideas.

“Lucky Feathers”  have charms in just about any symbol that you can think of…

lucky feather charms

Keep your mind sharp with these mini books and knowledge cards, great for kids and adults!
wisdom and wit mini books

knowledge cards

a little fig and ginger jam is quite delicious…

fig and ginger jam

who doesn’t need a good joke this time of year…
dog and dirty jokes

Blithe-and Bonnie soap products…

Blithe and Bonny soap assortments

do you sleep with dogs???

Pawsome baseball caps

Pawsome baseball caps

the dog lover….

For the dog lover in your life...

For the dog lover in your life…

oohh la la….why not add a bit of this to my hot chocolate…

Chocolate Peppermint Martini Mixer

we have a large variety of Barr-Co soap products…
Barr-Co Bar Soap

Barr-Co Pure Veg. Soap

jigsaw puzzle anyone… yes, this will fit in a stocking…
Christopher-Marley Puzzle if you are looking for something a little more on the intricate side we have great selection of pottery from Judy Jackson stoneware…start your collection now and yes, they will fit in your stocking!

pottery These are just a few of our options, the shop is  full of  great ideas and a wide selection of uncommon and unique gifts. What are some of the things you would like to see in your stocking this year?