It’s all about Container Gardening and Decorative Pots

18 May

written by Janet Lee Harrold

Have you ever walked by a commercial space and thought…wow the front of their store looks absolutely amazing?  Chances are they put a little extra TLC into welcoming their guests or potential shoppers to their door. Why not have your home entrance or outdoor space  look equally amazing! Container gardens make it possible for anyone and everyone to have a green thumb. They are low maintenance with a very high reward.

Choosing the container or decorative pot is half the battle-you can choose  a pot that you already have on hand or we have a variety that we sell here at  our  Garden Center. My personal favorite is a modern ceramic pot with geometric elements that can enhance a contemporary space or any space where you would love an extra burst of color.


If a statement piece is what you are looking for…why not choose this super cool faccia natural cast stone planter ( who says picasso can’t find be found in the garden)? A conversation piece for many years to come and a piece of art in itself.  unique planters fr

All that being said,  even if you have an ordinary pot or classic urn hanging around, once filled with colorful plants it will breathe new life into your outdoor space. Keep in mind when you are filling your pots that you adopt the companion planting method, what this means is that you choose a combination of plants that have similar needs…for example, you never want to combine plants that need full shade with plants that need full sun in the same pot. An interesting container garden would typically include texture as well as color and a bit of drama as featured below. Whether you are planting your own container gardens or having Cedar Grove Gardens plant them up for you, I sure hope you will have fun with them and transition them from season to season.



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