Dusty Miller…it’s not just an outdoor plant, it is soo much more

27 May

This highly versatile plant  has taken on a commonality of uses in a variety of different floral applications. The silvery soft sage green gray leaves and felt like textures have become a favorite among Bride’s who are searching for a particular look.  The lacy soft tips make the perfect gray collar to enhance the delicate flowers that are nestled above them for the finishing detail.






Heather, dusty miller wrapped in twine





Though Dusty Miller is considered to thrive best in the summer months, they can be planted in the spring and can be used in bouquets right up until the weather gets chilly. Using them in your holiday arrangements is certainly not out of the question, the silvery tone of this spectacular foliage is the perfect wintery accent needed to enhance not only bridal work but cut flower designs of all kinds.
Thank you to Once Like a Spark Photography for providing us with beautiful images of our work…we certainly appreciate it!

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