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Prom Flowers

written by Janet Harrold

It’s prom season  yay! Corsages have really changed over the years and flowers have become a true fashion accessory, if you are not sure what to order just remember bling is in and everyone loves to shine! You can also call the shop and talk with one of our staff member as all of our staff are well versed on corsages and what is current today.

Keep in mind that the keepsake bracelets that the flowers are on now go hand in hand (no pun intended)   an important part of accessorizing the blooms as well as the dress and something that they can keep even after the prom.

Here are a few quality designs and bracelets that girls will fall completely head over heels in love with.  To view more head on over to our website.

white rose on rhinestone band blue ribbon

Pearl Elegance fr


passionate Pink


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